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What is “business matching”? What are the features and specific benefits?

Business matching
Business matching

The existence of “business partners” is indispensable for the smooth progress of corporate activities such as “advertisers and agencies” and “manufacturers and sales companies”. If you manage your business while maintaining a good relationship with each other, you will be able to increase each other’s corporate profits.
Many business people want to find their clients and business partners and want to expand their business opportunities. However, it is difficult to find the right business partner for your company from among many companies. If you have such a problem, why not use ” Business Matching
“, which is the best way to find clients and business partners. This time, we will introduce in detail the basic information and specific usage of business matching.


table of contents

  • 1. What is business matching?
  • 2. Benefits of business matching
  • 3. Disadvantages in business matching
  • 4. How to achieve business matching?
  • 5. Specific flow of business matching
  • 6. What is a business matching website?

What is business matching?

Business matching is used to refer to “a place to find a business partner” or “the service itself that connects companies.” Business matching is to establish a win-win relationship between “a company that wants to request a job” and “a company that wants to receive a job” as shown in the table below, which manages the supply and demand in the business.

Companies that want to request a job Companies that want to get jobs
Company A “I want to outsource the products I make” Company E “I want to operate my factory to manufacture products”
Company B “I want to secure a supplier of parts necessary for manufacturing our products.” Company F “I want to efficiently sell machine parts made in-house”
Company C “I would like to request the writing of an article for owned media” Company G “I want to receive an order for content writing work”
Company D “I want you to develop the optimal business system for your company” Company H “I want to receive an order for the most suitable development project for my engineer”


Recently, the “marriage activity matching app” that searches for the best romance and marriage partner by specifying conditions has been released, but it may be recognized that business matching is a replacement of this with business relations. In modern times, many companies are developing business matching services on the Internet. By using this business matching, which can be called “matchmaking between companies,” you can obtain various benefits in conducting business activities.


Benefits of business matching

● Efficiently search for clients and business partners

The biggest advantage of business matching is that you can efficiently search for clients and business partners. With Business Matching, you can find a business partner that suits your business from among many companies. Especially for companies that have just been established and have few connections with each other, such as start-ups and venture companies, it is a good way to find clients and business partners by business matching.


● You can secure know-how that your company does not own

When companies collaborate in business matching, it is possible to supplement the technology that the company does not have. Taking a system company as an example, there are often cases where there are problems in terms of know-how, such as “there is no engineer who can handle the target programming language” and “there are no human resources who can handle maintenance management”. You can also use business matching to find a company that can outsource to solve the problem.


● You can utilize the brand power of the companies you collaborate with

Collaborating with a well-known company in business matching makes it easier to utilize the brand power of a well-known company. It’s a form of saying, “sumo wrestling with a loincloth,” but it’s also wise to leverage the brand power of other companies to promote your business or acquire new customers.


● Get to know new products and technologies of other companies

When companies have connections, it becomes easier to understand “products of other companies” and “technology and know-how owned”. If you know the technologies and services of other companies in the same industry, it will be easier to differentiate yourself from other companies when developing new products and services. Business matching is an effective way to find out about competitors, not just to find a business partner.


Disadvantages in business matching

● It is not always possible to find a business partner

Even if you use business matching, you may not always find the client or business partner you want. As mentioned at the beginning, the purpose of business matching is to “build a win-win relationship between both parties.” Therefore, matching is difficult to succeed under conditions where only one is advantageous.


● Business matching only creates “opportunities”

Even if it is easy to find the ideal business partner, the role of business matching is to support the connection between companies. Whether or not companies can make good transactions and whether or not they can build smooth relationships can only be achieved through individual corporate efforts. Therefore, it is necessary to consider business matching as a “trigger” and build good relationships as a business partner while conducting negotiations and business alliances between companies.


How to achieve business matching?

By the way, there are the following methods to realize such business matching.

  • Use services provided by financial institutions
  • Participate in exchange events held by local governments
  • Use a website that operates a business matching service

Local governments and financial institutions regularly hold business-matching exchange events at hotel venues and multipurpose halls. While the participating companies appeal such as exhibiting their products and presenting services, the participating companies negotiate directly with each other to find clients and business partners. Although it is an initiative aimed at revitalizing the region and supporting business partners, it will be an effective means for companies to find business partners.

However, in most cases, whether or not a client or business partner can be found at an exchange event depends on the skill and bargaining power of the person in charge. In addition, since the date and time of the exchange event are fixed in detail, there is a drawback that you cannot participate in the event if the time is not convenient.

Therefore, if you are a person in charge of a company who wants to find a business partner more easily, we recommend using the “Business Matching Service for Websites”. To put it simply, a website matching service is a service that allows you to find a business partner from registered company information. It can be used easily regardless of the date and time and has the advantage that the bargaining power is rarely affected by the success or failure of matching. It has functions that are useful for both “company that wants to request a job” and “company that wants to receive a job”.


The specific flow of business matching

Here, we will introduce a case of using the “Business Matching Service for Websites”.

There are two specific methods: “Searching for the desired project and making an inquiry to the company” and “Registering your company’s information and waiting for an inquiry from the company”.


● How to find the desired project and contact the company

In the business matching service, detailed information such as “business content”, “technology and know-how owned”, and “concrete achievements” is posted for each registered company. If you want to request work from outside, check the information of the registered companies and find a company that can be a business partner. If you find a prominent company, you can contact the company directly through the matching service. Some companies post external materials, pamphlets, URLs of official websites, etc., so it is a good way to refer to them when requesting work.


● How to register your company’s information and wait for inquiries from companies

On the other hand, if you are a “company that wants to receive a job”, post your company information on the business matching service. By appealing the above-mentioned “business content”, “technology and know-how owned”, “concrete achievements”, etc. to the outside, it becomes easier to receive direct inquiries from companies that want to request work. Posting company information requires a simple registration process on the Web, but it is the best way for companies that want to expand their business opportunities.


What is a business matching website?

So far, some of you may have wondered, “What kind of business matching service do you have?” After hearing about the features and flow of business matching services. Below, we will introduce three industry-specific business matching services.


● Order navigation


Source: If you are looking for a system development company or application development company, compare/estimate [Order Navi]

Order Navi is a business matching service specializing in “system development companies” such as business systems and application development. We will introduce the most suitable business partners from development companies and production companies nationwide. This service is also ideal for companies that have detailed requests such as “I want to create an optimal sales support system for my company!” And “I want to find a company that manages owned media operations!”.


● Web secretary


Source: Web secretary for requests, consultations, and comparisons of homepage production companies

This web secretary boasts a high profile as a business matching service specializing in “homepage production companies”. He handles many companies that are responsible for creating homepages for companies, such as “shopping sites that sell their products” and “employee recruitment sites”. If you are a company that wants to carry out sales promotion and recruitment through a website, the web secretary who has many homepage production companies will be a strong ally.


● Linkers


Source: Open Innovation Support Service | Linkers

Within the industry, Linksers is a business matching service specializing in the “manufacturing industry.” We have many achievements as a service that connects companies that are responsible for manufacturing. It can be said that it is a service for companies that want to cooperate with manufacturers, such as “I want to find a company that will jointly develop new materials!” And “I want to find a supplier of housing building materials!”.


As mentioned above, many matching services are handled by different industries. Therefore, use the matching service that suits your industry, whether you want to request a job or receive an order. This is because by using industry-specific services, it becomes easier to efficiently find clients and business partners that suit your purposes, based on a large number of registered companies and abundant achievements.

Also, if you have troubles such as “It is difficult to compare and examine each company” or “I do not know what kind of information to register”, we offer a service with a specialized concierge-like our order navigation and Web secretary. How about using it? With the support of experienced professional staff, it will be easier to find the best business partner for your company by having them select and introduce you to the company.

In particular, since the programming languages ​​and frameworks that can be handled by each company differ greatly in the IT industry, there are many cases where IT knowledge is required for successful matching. If it is a matching service with a specialized concierge, the staff will make up for the lack of knowledge, so it is the best method for “those who are not confident in industry knowledge” and “those who are new to matching”.

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