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What can i do? Pick up robots for sale at + Style

Robots read emails aloud, learn English conversation, etc. It sounds like a story in the distant future, but in fact, domestic robots with these functions are already on sale.

So, this time, we picked up a variety of robots that are being handled by + Style. Introducing “ATOM” modeled after “Astro Boy”, “Musio X” for learning English, and “Marty the Robot” where you can enjoy assembly and programming. If you want to know what kind of functions are installed, please read the article.

▼ That “Atom” becomes a member of the family ♪

First, let’s introduce “ATOM” equipped with AI. Of course, the model is that “Astro Boy”. Equipped with various functions specialized for communication with the aim of becoming a “family member”. It is a very smart robot that remembers the faces of up to 12 people and changes the content of the story according to the age and gender of the family.

For example, you can introduce popular books to your father and cooking recipes to your mother. The more you talk, the more you will understand the tastes of your family and the content of the conversation will change. It’s packed with cute features such as singing songs, dancing, and performing rakugo. When you say “Tell me your schedule”, it will tell you the schedule you entered in Google Calendar, and you can also use the convenient function to read the email aloud.

▼ AI-equipped robot ideal for learning English

Robots that not only communicate but also support learning have been developed. The “Musio X” that I will introduce next is a product that allows you to learn English conversation. It listens to the user’s pronunciation and responds in English. You can practice “listen a lot and speak a lot”, which is the key to improving your English.

When you say “What’s the weather tomorrow?”, You can search for information online. They will answer the latest information in English. It is also a nice point that the conversation is converted into text with a dedicated application. You can check the contents of the hearing later. In addition, the ability to modify the English grammar spoken by the user and the ability to analyze and score pronunciation are also useful.

There is also a set of teaching materials that can be used in conjunction with “Musio X”. The content is suitable for beginners to English and is ideal for children to learn. If you want to know more about the functions of the main unit and the contents of the teaching materials, please access the link below!

▼ From assembly to programming

Finally, we picked up “Marty the Robot,” a robot that allows you to learn the basics of electronics and programming. This is a product that you can enjoy from assembly. The recommended age is from 10 years old, so it will be perfect for your child’s STEM education. After completion, you can control “Marty” with the dedicated smartphone app. Various movements are possible, such as bipedal walking, dancing, and kicking the ball.

The biggest feature is that you can program the operation. It may seem difficult for your child, but the supported programming language is “Scratch” for ages 8-16. You can enjoy learning the basics of programming by simply arranging blocks with commands on the screen. The completed “Marty” is also on sale, so you can start learning programming right away!

So far, we have introduced three robots. Did you find a product you were interested in? If you want to know the price and specifications of each, please check the details page.



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