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What is a curation site? From the merits to the problems of the summary article!

curation site
curation site

A curation site that has spread rapidly in the web industry.
A curation site is a media site that brings together information on the Internet.
Recently, problems with the curation site itself have been pointed out, but it is a convenient medium if used correctly.
This time, we will introduce the basic knowledge, types, merits, and problems of curation sites in an easy-to-understand manner.

table of contents

  • 1. Curation basics
  • 2. Different from the type of curation site
  • 3. What are the benefits of curation sites?
  • 4. Features of popular curation sites
  • 5. Problems with curation sites
  • 6. Make good use of the curation site


The basics of curation

There is a lot of information on the Internet. Curation sites are useful when you cannot find the information you want or when you want to know a lot of information at once.

In IT terms, “curation” is the process of selecting valuable information from specific information and making it publicly available and shared. Originally, it is said that it was derived from a professional “curator” who plans exhibitions of museums and art galleries according to the exhibition theme, and the person who curates is called a curator.

Curation sites add new value by scrutinizing information and providing information that users want in an easy-to-understand manner. It is also called a “summary site” because it publishes all the necessary information.


Different from the type of curation site

Curation sites are broadly divided into types according to the curation method. Let’s see the differences between each type.

● Algorithm type

This is a curation site where the program curates according to a certain standard. The algorithm for selecting articles varies from website to website, and its uniqueness is the key to the characteristics of the site. Most algorithm CS are news sites, such as “Gunosy” and “Smart News”.
Algorithm types are further divided into two types.
One is the type that collects many articles based on the standards of the site operator and can deliver articles of a certain quality to a wide range of users.
The other is a type that grows to collect articles that are more in line with the user’s interests according to the user’s reaction and tends to be highly favored by compatible users.

● Human power type

Experts in a specific field select information as a curator, cite multiple articles and provide one summary article as new content. It is called a human-powered type because people curate it.
Many human-powered CS specialize in specialized genres such as “LINE NEWS” and “medically”, and the curator’s hobbies and subjectivity greatly affect the content.

● Algorithm type + human power type

It is a combination of algorithmic type and human power type. People further curate the information collected and selected by the program. The representative of this type of CS is “antenna”.
It is a CS that has good points on both sides, where the algorithm collects a wide range of articles and manually scrutinizes those articles.

● User-submitted type

It is this type that is scattered among many curation sites. Articles are created and posted by general users. Most of the content is in the form of pasting quotes from other websites or SNS, and “NEVER Summary” is typical. Similar to the human-powered type, the average user is not an expert. There is a weakness that the quality is not stable because the content is created by amateurs.


What are the benefits of curation sites?

Curated sites benefit both users and publishers. We will introduce the merits of each from both perspectives.

● Advantages on the user side

Since information is gathered in one place on the CS you can easily collect information in a short time without having to search for the information you want to search for many times. Many curation sites offer smartphone apps, which are also popular because they can be read as a way to kill time while traveling, such as on the train.
When searching or on SNS, you can only see what you are interested in. However, even with content that you wouldn’t normally read on a CS, you can see information like a magazine, so you can access a wider range of information than if you voluntarily select articles.

● Advantages of the site operator

Articles on the curation site are created by combining existing articles, so no new coverage or research is required. You can easily create the website of the main body by using the site creation software “WordPress”.
In addition, many of the articles summarized are specialized in what the user wants to know, such as trends and seasonal information, so it is possible to gain access in a short period. By reducing costs and man-hours, mass production of content becomes possible, and if the number of articles with the content requested by users increases, the number of visits to the site will increase, and the value of the site itself will increase.


Features of popular curation sites

Curation sites come in several styles, depending on the information and concepts they handle. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each of the popular CS as an example.

● Strong against SEO by categorization

Curation sites such as “NAVER Matome” and “Hatena Bookmark” cover a wide range of topics, from romance to news, entertainment, business skills, and health. Even if you have a large number of articles, they are properly categorized so that they are easy to read. It is characterized by being strong in SEO with abundant articles and categorization of information.

● Highly specialized products are popular

Highly specialized curation sites have a well-defined genre of articles, so the target users are narrowed down to some extent. Although the number of users is small, it is characterized by many repeaters who use it every day.
For example, “circus” is a CS specializing in Web services. There are a wide variety of web services that handle languages, gourmet food, subculture, project management, etc., which is useful for both users and developers.

● Information is fast and trend-resistant

“Antenna” carefully selects information source sites and distributes articles focusing on trends such as fashion. It is especially popular with young people in that you can grasp the current trends just by looking at this site.
In addition, “4MEEE” is a CS for women in which entertainers and popular models participate as curators. It is popular not only to know the fashion and makeup of fashion but also to propose fashion and lifestyle by the celebrity you admire. Some curation sites have links to online shops for the products listed in the content.


Problems with curation sites

The curation site itself is a convenient medium, but problems have been pointed out depending on the creation method and the content of the content.

The biggest problem is the lack of original content. This is unavoidable to some extent due to the nature of curation sites that collect and organize information from other sites. However, if there is no new content added only by quoting from other sites, it does not meet the original purpose of curation, which is to create new value by collecting information.

In addition, human-powered curation sites collect articles from the curator’s professional perspective, so there is a tendency for content to have a lot of personal opinions and biased perspectives. Depending on the program, it may occur even with the algorithm type, but by posting articles by multiple curators, it is possible to create a well-balanced site with no bias in perspective.


Make good use of curation sites


Curation sites are cost-effective media that can easily gain access depending on how they are used.
The point is to clarify the target of your company’s customers and accurately disseminate the information that users want.
On the other hand, it is also necessary to have the ability to identify the correct information so that the curation site can be trusted by users.
Let’s acquire the literacy to use high-quality information on the Web and make good use of the curation site.


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