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What is a matching system? Thorough explanation of the types and functions, points to note when estimating, etc.!

Matching System
Matching System

Recently, all companies have introduced matching systems that connect companies and individuals.
Since the introduction of this system, it has become possible to provide a wider range of services than ever before, and it is expected that the introduction will continue in the future. Therefore, this time, we will explain the outline, the cost of introduction, points to be noted when estimating,
etc. for those who are considering the introduction of the matching system and the person in charge of the company.


table of contents

  • 1. What is a matching system?
  • 2. Types of matching system
  • 3. Functions required for matching system
  • 4. Cost of matching system development
  • 5. Points to note when estimating the matching system
  • 6. When requesting a matching system, identify your strengths and weaknesses.

What is a matching system?

A matching system is a “system that connects companies and individuals (consumers).” Examples include business brokerage, flea markets, and job listings. Until now, most matching systems have linked the relationships between businesses and consumers. However, recently, a system has been created that matches companies and individuals.


Types of matching system

There are three main types of matching systems:

  • BtoB: Business-to-business transactions
  • BtoC: Business-to-consumer transactions
  • CoC: Individual-to-individual transactions

Let’s look at each feature one by one.


● BtoB

BtoB is an abbreviation of “Business to Business”, which is simply a transaction between companies.

Recently, there has been an active movement to request business from companies or sole proprietors by utilizing outsourcing. Under such circumstances, services that allow online matching and post-matching exchanges have appeared. A typical example is a crowdsourcing site, where you can freely match with companies, from those who are working as freelancers in earnest to those who are doing side businesses on the Internet. It is expected that BtoB services such as crowdsourcing sites will be further improved as free working styles accelerate steadily in the future.


● BtoC

BtoC stands for “Business to Consumer” and refers to transactions between companies and individuals.

There are countless types of accommodation reservations, online shopping, transportation services, and more. In particular, the popularity of online shopping is increasing year by year, and a mechanism has been introduced to introduce recommended products based on online browsing history and purchase history. In the present age when smartphones have become widespread, the user base of online shopping has expanded to the elderly, and growth will continue due to its high convenience. In addition to that, there is a movement to introduce various technologies such as chatbots, and it is thought that new services and new mechanisms will be born one after another, mainly online ones.


● CoC

CoC is an abbreviation of “Consumer to Consumer” and refers to transactions between individuals.

There are not a few sites such as flea market services, marriage hunting, and dating sites. The flea market service has the advantage that it is easier to list and exchange than the mainstream auction format, and payment can be done within the platform. Marriage and dating sites are also typical CtoC matching systems. Recently, it has evolved into a service that can be used more conveniently, such as being able to match people who are within easy reach with the GPS function and linking with food and beverage review sites.


Functions required for matching system

In most cases, it is necessary to introduce the following functions to set up a matching system.

  • Product, product list function
  • Application function
  • My page function
  • Login / logout function
  • User management function
  • Message function


● Product and product list function

The product/product list function is a function that mainly requires the introduction of BtoC and CtoC such as online shopping and flea market apps.

These services have a large number of items listed, and it is not possible to display all of them in detail. However, if you can display at least the product name and image as a list, it will be easier to distinguish between the products you care about and the products you do not. In many cases, the amount of information that cannot be handled just by listing it will be easier to handle if a search function is introduced. In addition, business matching services, etc. are displayed as a list of job requests instead of products, and if you find a job you are interested in, you will be contacted.


● Application function

The application function is a function that is mainly required for services that are used by concluding a contract with a company. For example, video distribution services and smartphone contracts. If you pass the application, the contract will be completed and you will be able to use the service. On the other hand, for services that do not require an application, you can use the service immediately after completing a simple membership registration procedure. In most cases, the better the matching system, the better the “easiness of application” because it will not lead to profits unless a contract is reached.


● My page function

The My Page function is a convenient function that allows you to record your usage history within the service, as well as personal information and payment information. If I don’t have My Page, even if I find a problem with a product I purchased in the past and try to contact the seller, I can’t contact them because I don’t know the other party’s information. In addition, personal information must be entered each time payment is made, which reduces the convenience of the system. Since the My Page function allows you to manage various information, the My Page function is indispensable for any system.


● Login / logout function

The login/logout function is an essential function along with My Page. It exists in most web services, not just matching systems. You can log in to the system simply by entering the registered user name (or e-mail address, etc.) and password in the dedicated form. The login/logout function is indispensable not only for individuals to use the matching system but also for using multiple accounts properly.


● User management function

The user management function is a function that manages the information of users who use the matching system. When introducing a matching system, both the service provider and the user need to manage the information of those users. Because of this function, the My Page function and login/logout function make sense, and all other user-related operations such as account creation, editing, and deletion can be performed.


● Message function

The message function is a service required to contact a trading partner. With the message function, the history can be left as a form in the text, so it is an advantage that it is easy for the management side to deal with any troubles. The message function plays an important role because services such as BtoB and CtoC, which are on an equal footing with each other, require close contact. It is quite convenient because the management side can reply to the user if necessary.


Cost of matching system development

Developing a matching system is not just about building a site.

All processes such as designing and defining what kind of site to make, testing the operation after building the site, and migrating data are costly. And the cost of developing a matching system changes greatly depending on how many functions are enhanced. It can be developed for less than 1 million yen if it is only the minimum necessary, and it may cost 10 million yen or more if it meets the user’s request.

As a guide, it will be about 2 to 5 million yen including all basic functions such as user management function, search function, and product list function. External functions such as the payment function can be added later. Although additional costs will be incurred, it is also recommended that you first release the necessary functions to some extent, and then enhance the functions if you are in good condition while checking the usage status of the service.


Points to note when estimating the matching system

If you build a matching system in-house, you can reduce the cost, but not many companies have an internal system development environment. Therefore, most of the time, we ask a company or sole proprietor who specializes in system construction. When making a request, it is best to get multiple quotes and make a request at a cheap place to keep the development cost as low as possible. The points to note when estimating the matching system are as follows.

  • Firmly design and define the system
  • Do not neglect non-functional requirements
  • Choose a company with a wealth of experience in developing matching systems
  • Get a quote when developing using an existing system


● Firmly design and define the system

Before requesting a quote for a matching system, you must solidify the system design and definition and accurately convey it to the other party. If you do not complete the construction of the matching system in-house, we will collaborate with the person who requests the system construction. If this rubbing is not done properly, a system different from what you imagined due to the mismatch will be created. First of all, it is important to clarify what kind of users you are targeting and how you will earn profits, and then solidify the system design and definition based on that. If you don’t know what to do at that stage, you may try requesting from system design/definition.


● Do not neglect non-functional requirements

When thinking about system design and definition by ourselves, it is important not to neglect non-functional requirements. Non-functional requirements are requirements such as system scalability, reliability, and security. .. Carefully define non-functional requirements so that you can use the service without stress.


● Select a company with a wealth of experience in developing matching systems

When developing a matching system, it is important to select a company that has as many achievements as possible. Even companies that excel in the same system development will have different products if they specialize in different genres. It’s a good idea to find out which companies are doing well in the field of matching systems and request a quote there.


● Get a quote when developing using an existing system

Ideally, you should get a quote even if you are building a new matching system using an existing system. If you want to take advantage of an existing one to create a new one, it requires its process. At least the design aspect has to change a lot, so it’s not something that can be tampered with. When building a matching system using an existing system, we recommend that you ask a company that has a wealth of experience in system repair.


Requests regarding matching systems identify strengths and weaknesses

This time, we explained in detail the outline of the matching system, the cost of introducing it, and the points to be noted when estimating.

In today’s world where matching systems are widespread in various services, many companies want to introduce the system themselves. The cost of a matching system varies greatly depending on what functions it is equipped with, so it is important to ask a company that specializes in matching systems to reduce that cost as much as possible. When building a system, be sure to design and define the system properly.

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