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What is a SIM fleece maho? Introducing usage and profitable information that you can not hear now

I often hear that “SIM fleece smartphones are good value”, but there may be many people who do not know what it is and can not touch it. In this article, we will introduce in detail the reasons why SIM fleece smartphones are advantageous, how to use them, recommended models, etc. for those who want to use SIM fleece smartphones if the smartphone fee becomes cheaper.

What is a SIM card in the first place? Can I use it if I have Wi-Fi without it?

A SIM card is an IC card issued by a carrier (mobile phone company) for each terminal such as a smartphone, mobile phone, or tablet, and attached to the terminal for use. However, SIM cards cannot be used on terminals that cannot make phone calls and can only use the Internet in a Wi-Fi environment, such as tablets dedicated to Wi-Fi. The SIM card allows the device to communicate over the phone, the Internet, etc. using the carrier’s line. The SIM card contains an ID number that identifies information such as the user’s identification information and telephone number. There are three types (sizes) of SIM cards, “standard SIM”, “micro SIM”, and “nano-SIM”, and it should be noted that the compatible SIM cards differ depending on the device. There is also a “multi-cut SIM” that can be cut and used according to the corresponding size. Since the device turns on even when the SIM card is not inserted, you can connect to the Internet and use the app in a Wi-Fi environment. However, in order to connect to the Internet or make phone calls in an environment without Wi-Fi, you need to install a SIM card on your smartphone.

What is “SIM-free”?

When a carrier purchases a SIM card and a terminal as a set and makes a communication contract, it is generally set to lock (restrict) the terminal so that it cannot be used by another carrier. SIM-free is a device whose SIM card is not locked. SIM lock can be unlocked for models released after May 2015. However, it may be necessary to elapse a certain period of time after the start of use, or a fee may be charged. The terminal can be purchased from non-major carriers such as home appliance mass retailers and online shops. In that case, the SIM lock is not applied from the beginning, so there is no need to unlock it. If you get a SIM-free terminal, you can use the SIM card of your favorite carrier without being tied to a specific carrier. Recently, many carriers and cheap telephone companies have developed various rate plans. If you choose a plan that suits your usage, you can save on your monthly smartphone and tablet charges.

SIM-free benefits

The biggest merit of using a SIM-free terminal is that you can choose from a wide range of carriers and plans, and you can freely subscribe to any plan of any carrier. If it is SIM-free, you will be able to contract not only with major carriers such as DoCoMo, au, and Softbank but also with telecommunications carriers that provide cheap SIMs. You can also choose a plan that suits your lifestyle and a cheap SIM that is the cheapest and most comfortable to use. An increasing number of people have chosen cheap SIMs with the highest priority on cheapness and have two smartphones for different purposes. If you make a contract for two units while using a cheap SIM well, the total cost may be lower than using one unit for many purposes while using the high plan of a major carrier. For example, if you decide to use two smartphones properly for voice calls and data communication, you can choose a carrier and plan that are profitable for each and make a contract. Alternatively, you can use different terminals depending on the communication partner and usage scenes, such as for private use and business use.

Why are SIM fleece smartphones cheap?

Have you ever heard the word “MVNO”? The operator that provides the cheap SIM is called “MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) / Virtual Mobile Network Operator”. Many MVNOs are now providing services in addition to the major carriers DoCoMo, au, and Softbank. The reason why you can reduce the smartphone price by using a SIM fleece smartphone is that you can choose a cheap SIM of MVNO. Now, let’s see how the MVNO offers a cheap service.

Because we rent a line from a major mobile carrier to provide services

The charges for major carriers tend to be expensive because they reflect communication line permit applications, maintenance costs for wireless communication infrastructure equipment, development costs, and labor costs associated with them. On the other hand, MVNO rents lines (= SIM cards) from three major carriers and provide them as its own service, so it costs less than major carriers. It is a mechanism that can be offered at a reasonable price.

Mainly sold on the Internet

Major carriers have many shops nationwide. There are many costs involved in running the shop, such as rent, utilities, staff labor costs, various pamphlets and procedure documents, which are reflected in the plan fee. On the other hand, most MVNOs are sold and processed online. Since the cost of the actual store can be cut, it can be offered at a lower price than major carriers.

strong? weak? What is the cheap SIM radio wave you care about?

Since the MVNO uses the same line as the major carriers, the communication quality is basically the same as that of the major carriers. The coverage area is the same as for major carriers. Because it is a cheap SIM, the area will not be narrowed. However, the MVNO SIM does not allow you to use as many major carrier lines as you like, and it is a mechanism for multiple operators to use a certain amount of lines assigned to the MVNO. Also, the amount of lines rented is not uniform and varies depending on the operator. Since a limited amount of lines will be shared among users, there may be cases where you feel that the radio wave is bad, such as in places and times when access is concentrated, or when performing large-capacity data communication. ..

How to make your smartphone SIM-free

Smartphones purchased from major carriers can also be made SIM-free by completing the SIM unlock procedure at the shop or website. However, the SIM unlock period may be limited. It may not be possible to unlock the SIM within a certain period (110 days, etc.) after the contract is signed, or after a certain period (100 days, etc.) has passed since the contract was canceled, so check early. Some devices, such as models released before April 2015, cannot unlock the SIM. It is not possible to visually confirm whether or not it has become SIM-free. The easiest way to check is to insert a SIM card of another line and see if it is recognized. If it is recognized, the SIM lock is released. In the case of Android, it is also possible to check in the “SIM lock state” of “Device information (item name differs slightly depending on the device)” on the setting screen.

5 Recommended SIM Fleece Maho Models

For those who are interested in SIM fleece smartphones but do not know which model to choose, we will introduce 5 models carefully selected by + Style.

TCL10 5G

It is equipped with the ultra-fast Qualcomm SM7250 5G. It is a high-spec model with ultra-high reliability and low latency of 10ms or less, QC3.0 quick charge battery, OTG reverse charge, etc.

The display is a 6.53-inch FHD + embedded notch with a screen-to-body ratio of 91%, and the image and video quality is enhanced by a dedicated display engine that improves image and video quality. It is also equipped with a high-performance quad camera and super Bluetooth that can be connected to four audio devices at the same time. It also features glossy double-sided glass and ICONIC DESIGN with a holographic finish.



This model features a high-spec, high-resolution camera. It is equipped with a Leica ultra-vision quad-camera system with IP68, water resistance and dust resistance, and a sensor with an ultra-large pixel of 1 / 1.28 inches. The maximum zoom value is 50x. With high resolution (about 32 million pixels), “AI Portrait Studio” and “HUAWEI Golden Snap AI Best Moment” functions, anyone can take high-level photos. It also supports quick charging and face recognition (the highest level of security certification CC EAL 5+).

Xiaomi Redmi Note9S

Equipped with a large capacity battery of 5020mAh (type), 18W quick charge is possible. One of the features is a high-spec camera that can be used in all shooting situations. It is equipped with an ultra-high resolution (48 million pixels) AI 4-eye camera, an 8 million pixel wide-angle camera, a 2 million pixel depth sensor, and a 5 million pixel macro camera. 8nm process technology with Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor for high performance and power savings. The new 6.67-inch FHD + Dot Display enhances the immersive feeling of mobile games and surfing the internet.


It is a model that has various functions, designs, and portability. The 4-eye camera is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle 119 ° and high-quality 48-megapixel camera, allowing you to frame in the subject firmly and take clear pictures of details. It is also equipped with an ultra night mode that allows you to take beautiful night views and electronic image stabilization that allows you to take stable videos. It can be used for a long time with a battery with a capacity of 4,025mAh and is compatible with quick charge, Osaifu-Keitai®, and is waterproof and dustproof (IP68). With 6GB of high-speed memory, multitasking works smoothly, and the storage capacity is as large as 128GB. Images and videos can be displayed beautifully on the large screen 6.44-inch FHD and + organic EL display, and you can enjoy smartphone games comfortably with Game Boost 2.0. Large display fingerprint authentication has also improved the speed and accuracy of authentication.

Punkt. MP02 4G Mobile Phone

It is a compact mobile phone that fits in the palm of your hand, is easy to hold, has high sound quality, and is comfortable for hands-free calling. We recommend a “two-device approach” to share mobile data connections with tablets and laptops as needed, making the Internet more convenient than smartphones. It features a durable and scratch-resistant body and high security with BlackBerry Secure. Not only SMS but also QR code can be displayed with MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) function. You can also tether to other terminals via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, etc.


If you are interested in SIM fleece smartphones after reading this article, please check the details on the + Style site to find the model that suits you best.

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