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What is a smart home? Make home appliances IoT compatible for a convenient life

I often hear the word “smart ●●” such as smart homes, smart home appliances, and smart devices. Things that are smarter with the latest technology are everywhere around us. Why don’t you incorporate them well and start a convenient smart home? In this article, we will introduce smart homes and smart home appliances.

What is a smart home?

The “smart” of smart homes and smartphones means “quick, lively, smart, wise, agile, and witty.” A smart home can be rephrased as a “smarter home.” The true identity of that wisdom is the “IoT (Internet of Things).” The IoT is translated as the “Internet of Things,” and refers to a mechanism in which communication technology is installed and linked to various things around us. IoT covers a wide range of home appliances such as lighting, refrigerators, rice cookers, robot vacuum cleaners, cameras, light bulbs, and remote controls. A smart home is a “house that realizes a convenient and comfortable life by connecting these IoT home appliances to the Internet, controlling them with a smartphone or voice operation, and automatically controlling them using GPS or sensors.”

Benefits of becoming a smart home

By integrating the IoT home appliances at home with the network, they have advanced functions that cannot be imagined with conventional home appliances. Now, I would like to introduce the “smartness” of IoT home appliances and the “merits of making a smart home.”

Easy to operate with voice and gestures

With smart homes, you can give voice instructions to IoT home appliances and housing equipment, and you can easily operate them by simply holding your hand over the sensor. For example, you can register several types of operations at once when you wake up. Just say “good morning” in the morning, open the curtains, turn on the air conditioner, boil water, listen to news and weather forecasts, and have the schedule read aloud for the day. In addition, even if it is not set in advance, it is possible to automatically operate by instructing “vacuum cleaner” or “turn the washing machine” by voice. You can also operate multiple words in succession by voice instead of the remote control, such as “Turn on the TV, turn up the volume, how many channels”.

You can use your time effectively

A series of steps such as getting up, going out, going home, and going to bed are set in detail for each day of the week, such as “I want to eat freshly cooked rice at 7 o’clock in the morning, but I want to sleep slowly on holidays.” It can also be controlled automatically. For example, with a smart refrigerator, you can check the ingredients in the refrigerator and the expiration date on the go, and let you know what you need to buy and what kind of recipe you can make. You don’t have to worry about what to make after opening the fridge and checking the ingredients inside. Since you can check it on the go in a short time, you can use that much time effectively and you will not waste ingredients.

You can improve the efficiency of security functions

If you install a network camera indoors or outdoors, you can watch over and automatically control security. For example, it is effective as a crime prevention measure, such as preventing forgetting to lock the front door, checking visitors who are away, detecting suspicious movements of suspicious persons and notifying them to smartphones. You can watch over your pet while you are away, and automatically notify your smartphone when your child returns home, so you can rest assured even if you are away.

Realize an eco-friendly life by saving utility bills

You can also turn the power on and off automatically with the motion sensor. If you make the gate light and entrance light smarter, you can detect the movement of people and turn them on only when necessary. The lights in the TV and room can also be turned off or switched off automatically when no one is around, which saves electricity. If you are not in a place where your family goes in and out frequently, you may not notice it for a long time even if you forget to turn off the lights, but smart homes can be automatically controlled, so you can save on utility bills.

What kind of home appliances can be made smarter?

Introducing home appliances and things that are actually smart and used. We recommend that you try the ones that are easy to incorporate.

Automatic locking, the key to the entrance

The key to the front door of your home can also be made smarter. If you make the front door smart like an electronic key or auto-lock, you can open and close it automatically without inserting the key into the keyhole of the front door. This mechanism is a “smart lock”, and the key is a “smartphone”. With the + Style “Qrio Lock”, you can automate the locking and unlocking of keys without taking out your smartphone and keeping it in your bag or pocket. When the smartphone approaches the front door when returning home, Qrio Lock will automatically react and open the key. Even if you are holding a child or carrying large baggage, you can easily unlock it hands-free without taking out and operating your smartphone or key. Also, when you go out, Qrio Lock will lock it automatically, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock it. Since it is easy to install without any construction work, it can be made smart even in rental housing. Click here for details on “Qrio Lock” of + Style

Lighting without a switch

Lighting such as ceiling lights and LED bulbs has also become smarter. You can freely change the degree of brightness and the color of the light bulb color such as warm white, white, and daylight from voice operation or smartphone. It is also recommended for those who want to be greeted by bright lights even if they come back late at night. If you have a GPS-enabled light, you can set it to turn on automatically when you get close to your house and turn it off automatically when you’re away from home, so you don’t have to look for an electric switch in the dark. The + Style smart LED bulb illuminates your hands and feet with bright white light in situations such as studying and reading. During the relaxing time before going to bed, the brightness can be adjusted steplessly to suit your daily life, such as using a soft light that is not too dazzling. It can be easily attached to the socket without any construction work. In addition, there is also an LED bulb that can adjust the brightness and light color steplessly according to the live scene, and it can reproduce up to 16.77 million colors. Click here for details on the + Style “smart LED bulb”

[+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart LED bulb (dimming / coloring) / E26 (2-year warranty for peace of mind)

[+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart LED bulb (human feeling) (2-year warranty for peace of mind)

[+ Style ORIGINAL] Smart LED bulb (RGB toning) (2-year warranty for peace of mind)

Air conditioner that can be operated even when going out

If you want to keep the room at a comfortable temperature, you can make the air conditioner smarter. By using the GPS function, you can automatically turn off the air conditioner that you forgot to turn off when you go out, and when you return home, you can automatically drive the room early to keep the room at an appropriate temperature. The winters are warm and the summers are cool, so you can enjoy the comfort of the moment you return home in any season. With the + Style original smart multi-remote controller, you can make your air conditioner smarter without having to buy a new one, and you can turn the power on and off, set the temperature, and switch modes hands-free. Not only the air conditioner but most of the home appliances operated by the remote control can be operated. You can use a dedicated app on your smartphone to operate a wide variety of home appliances or use a smart speaker compatible with Google or Amazon Alexa to operate with your voice. Click here for details on + Style “Smart Multi Remote Control”.

Smart speakers such as Google Home and Alexa

Smart speakers such as Google and Amazon Alexa, which are familiar in TV commercials, are small but reliable IoT home appliances with many skills. In addition to functioning as an audio device for listening to music, you can also enjoy music streaming services and audiobooks, and use it as a Bluetooth speaker. With an AI assistant, you can search for what you want to find, listen to news and weather forecasts, and set alarms and timers. In addition, it is packed with advanced functions such as smart speakers operating multiple IoT home appliances like a control tower by giving voice instructions.

There are other smart appliances like this

IoT home appliances will continue to evolve. Since it is connected to the Internet, new functions will be added by updating without having to replace the current model, and the range of activities will expand further. For example, you can check the running trajectory of a robot vacuum cleaner while you are away to see the progress of the cleaning, or you can use a network camera to watch your pet while you are away. Some cameras can track 360 degrees in all directions, so you can rest assured when you’re out. You can also remotely control the switch from the smartphone app to power saving mode or manner mode, so you don’t have to worry about the amount of standby power.

There are other smart appliances like this

Click here for recommended products for smart home appliances

The functions of smart home appliances are not limited to large home appliances and expensive home appliances. It has been introduced in various products such as small household appliances, inexpensive household appliances, and cooking appliances. Here, we will introduce recommended smart home appliances that are easy to operate and easy to introduce.

Smart fully automatic coffee maker

If you are a coffee lover who wants to wake up comfortably with the scent of coffee every morning, we recommend the + Style “Smart Fully Automatic Coffee Maker”. Just set water and coffee beans, and you can enjoy delicious coffee freshly ground from beans automatically according to the time you want to drink. It is also possible to operate by a voice from the smart speaker without getting up from the bed. Even if you don’t have a smart speaker, you can operate it from your smartphone, so you can brew coffee when you go home. It also has a full range of functions to make coffee delicious, such as how to grind it according to the amount you want to make, steam it, and select the concentration. You can also enjoy rich coffee with a stainless mesh filter that does not require a paper filter. If the aroma of coffee always welcomes you, your daily life will become even richer. Click here for details on + Style’s “Smart Fully Automatic Coffee Maker”

Smart humidifier (desktop)

In the dry season, some people may be worried about rough skin and throat swelling. The + Style original “smart humidifier (desktop)” is a compact, palm-sized humidifier that is multifunctional and easy to use. It has a simple design that fits well with any interior, and features that illuminate the light with your favorite color. Aroma oil can also be used, so if you change the scent and color according to the mood of the day, you will feel refreshed as if you were in another space. Even if it is small, just add 400 ml of water to keep the humidity comfortable all day long. Voice operation is also possible, and with the smartphone app, detailed operations such as dimming, toning, schedule setting, automatic control, and scene-specific settings are possible. Click here for details on the + Style “Smart Humidifier (Desktop)”

Ceiling light with projector/speaker

With + Style’s “pop Aladdin 2”, you can illuminate a movie on a wall or screen with a ceiling-mounted ceiling light and projector. Since it is equipped with high-quality speakers, you can enjoy video distribution at home with a powerful sound like a movie theater. It is also excellent as a step-less dimming/coloring ceiling light. It is also a nice point that it can be easily attached to the ceiling without any construction work. The popIn Aladdin itself is equipped with many original apps for art and kids, so the whole family can enjoy their favorite content regardless of gender or age. Even if the distance from the installation location to the projection location is short, the image is clear, so you can enjoy it on a large screen even in a small room. Click here for details on “popIn Aladdin 2” of + Style

Multi-function light

Sony’s “Multifunction Light MFL-2100S” is a high-performance smart home appliance that integrates a ceiling light and an aptX LL compatible Bluetooth speaker. Voice control is possible from Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and high-quality music can be played from the ceiling in a cafe-like atmosphere. You can watch TV sound without delay and without any discomfort with the screen. Even though it is a light with a speaker, you can check the indoor situation 24 hours a day with the dedicated app, and you can set it in a comfortable space at any time with the temperature, humidity, brightness, and illuminance sensors. The lighting is for 8-10 tatami mats, but it can also be used for 6 tatami mats and 8 tatami mats. Click here for details on “Sony Multifunction Light MFL-2100S”

Smart electric fan

By making the electric fan smarter, it has been reborn as a new product that is even more convenient and easy to use. “Smart Fan 2S” can set the air volume adjustment in 100 steps with a dedicated app. You can freely adjust your favorite air volume, such as a natural, soft and comfortable wind. It is quiet and cordless, so you can easily carry it anywhere, so you can use it in various ways depending on where you put it. The DC motor and 7 blades create a delicate, expansive, and rich airflow. With just the right height of 96 cm and a simple and timeless design, it matches any room. Click here for details on “Smart Fan S2”



Once you experience the convenience of being able to operate hands-free or remotely with a smartphone without operating the home appliances or remote control, you cannot let go of it. The fun of creating a smart home by gradually increasing the number of smart home appliances is exceptional. Why don’t you make your home appliances smarter and experience a convenient life? Please check the + Style homepage for details.



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