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What is AngularJS? Easy-to-understand explanation of basic knowledge and features


Many frameworks support system development in programming languages ​​such as C and Python. Do you know the framework called ” AngularJS
” which is very popular among engineers as a framework of JavaScript? This time, we will introduce in detail the basic information of AngularJS and the advantages of introducing it.


table of contents

  • 1. What is JavaScript?
  • 2. What is AngularJS?
  • 3. What can I do with AngularJS?
  • 4. What are the benefits of AngularJS?
  • 5. What are the disadvantages of AngularJS?
  • 6. How to use AngularJS?
  • 7. What is different from AngularJS?

What is JavaScript?

Before introducing AngularJS, let’s briefly touch on the programming language “JavaScript”. In the first place, JavaScript is a kind of “programming language mainly used for websites” like HTML and CSS. The languages ​​used for websites have different roles for each language, as described below.

  • HTML that creates the basic design and framework of a website
  • CSS for building website layouts and designs
  • JavaScript that creates dynamic content for your website

In particular, JavaScript is used to create moving web pages, such as “post a slider that moves a photo horizontally” and “make a map appear when you click a button”. In addition, JavaScript is often used in the fields of web applications and game development, and JavaScript is gaining high support from engineers as a language that enables a wide range of system development.


What is AngularJS?


Source: AngularJS — Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

AngularJS is a framework that supports the JavaScript system development introduced in the previous section. It is an open-source framework provided by “Google”, which boasts a global share as a search engine, and has both ease of use and excellent functionality. Although it is an old framework released in 2012, many development companies and engineers still use it for system development.

To put it simply, this “framework” is a collection of functions required for system development and is used in development to improve work efficiency and unify source code. The frameworks used for each programming language, such as C and PHP, are different, but it is no exaggeration to say that “AngularJS is the most famous” among the frameworks used in JavaScript.

MVW framework
Model (data) A function that controls communication with the database and system processing.
View A function that controls the display on the screen (browser).
Whatever Other functions control detailed work.


To briefly introduce the features of AngularJS, AngularJS is a framework designed based on the idea called “MVW”. Depending on the engineer, the division may be different, but AngularJS combines the above three elements to run one application. AngularJS is characterized by “easy division of labor and development work” because each is independent as a separate file.

In addition, AngularJS has many functions to make coding easier, such as “two-way data binding” that allows one program to process Model and View at the same time, and “components” that can be used repeatedly by dividing complex HTML into parts. I am.


What can you do with AngularJS?

AngularJS is suitable for developing applications used by companies such as business systems and database management systems. However, as mentioned at the beginning, JavaScript itself is used in a wide range of development such as web pages and web applications. Coupled with the feature of not choosing the operating environment, AngularJS is used for a wide range of development, from payment services of major companies to small smartphone apps.

There are many systems made with AngularJS, such as “Angular Google Maps” that embed Google Maps in applications and “SPA (single page application)” that designs web applications on one page.


What are the benefits of AngularJS?

● All the functions required for development are available

AngularJS is a multifunctional framework (full-stack framework) that has all the functions required for system development. There is no need to use multiple frameworks together, and with just one AngularJS, you can develop JavaScript systems and applications.


● Easy to achieve high development efficiency

Compared to other frameworks, AngularJS has less code to write and is more efficient in system development. There is also a feature that it is easy to take a division of labor system, and it is also a good idea to consider using AngularJS for system development used for startups that require development speed.


What are the disadvantages of AngularJS?

● Not suitable for large-scale system development

AngularJS has the disadvantage that the file size is large and the drawing speed of the UI tends to slow down, so it is not suitable for speed-oriented application creation. Among the JavaScript frameworks, many frameworks have a good reputation for speed of operation, such as “Vue.js” and “React”, and there are many cases where they are used properly depending on the development project.


● High learning cost

AngularJS has the disadvantage that the way of writing code and the concept are unique and the learning cost is high. While it is easy to achieve excellent development efficiency, it also has problems that it is difficult to utilize the knowledge and technology learned elsewhere and it is difficult to move to another framework.


How do you use AngularJS?

AngularJS can download the framework from the official page. There is also a way to use bower or npm when installing, but if it is difficult to set up, it is faster to get it directly from the official page. Older versions of AngularJS are also available on the official page, but please install the latest AngularJS unless you have a specific reason.

In addition, since the official page of AngularJS also contains tutorials on the introduction and basic usage of the framework, it is recommended to read it before starting it.


What is different from Angular?


Source: Angular Japanese Documentation

Finally, let me briefly introduce “Angular”, which is easily confused with AngularJS.

In short, Angular is a framework that is the “successor to AngularJS” released in 2016, as opposed to AngularJS released in 2012. While following the basic design of AngularJS, improvements have been made in terms of performance and other aspects. With the version upgrade, the “JS” part has disappeared from AngularJS, and the name is “Angular”.

However, while Angular is the successor to AngularJS, it is almost incompatible with each other. It is often treated as a completely different framework, and in the field of system development, there are cases where both AngularJS with a proven track record and Angular with improved performance are used. However, Angular has improved the drawing speed problem mentioned as a drawback of AngularJS and also has the advantage of being less burdensome to memory and CPU. Therefore, when developing a new system using JavaScript, it is recommended to select Angular instead of AngularJS.

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