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What is C ++? Explaining from basics to applications that can not be heard now


C ++ (C ++ Plus) was originally a programming language that further expanded the functions of the “C language” that moves computers quickly. In this article, we will introduce in detail the programming language ” C++
” that is widely used in all fields such as web applications and the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and robot technology.

■ Table of contents

  • 1. What is C ++?
  • 2. What you can do with C ++
  • 3. Benefits of using C ++
  • 4. How to find a system development company that is good at C ++



■ What is C ++?

C ++ (C ++) is a programming language that is an extension of the C language and is also called “Shipura” or “Shipura” for short. C language is a programming language that operates computers quickly, which was developed by the American communication research institute “AT & T Bell Research Institute” in 1972, but C++ adds object-orientation to C language so that it can be programmed more efficiently. It is made.

Object-oriented is programming that moves a computer by creating and manipulating objects (things) and is widely used from games and smartphone applications to the development of robot technology. Since C language and C++ are compatible, it is possible to migrate programs written using C language to C++. Therefore, many people try to learn C++ as the next step after studying the C language.

There are several types of C++, and the most famous ones are “Borland C++” developed by Borland in the United States and “Visual C++” by Microsoft in the United States. there is.


● History of C ++

The history of C++ begins in 1979 when the predecessor programming language “C with Classes” was developed. The main development objective was to realize a compact program that is easy for humans to understand and has the same level of processing speed as the C language. After that, the name was changed to “C ++” in 1983 after repeated improvements. The ++ symbol has been added to mean “a language that is more advanced than C”. In 1985, the first edition of The C++ Programming Language, a C++ manual for engineers, was also published.

● C ++ language share

According to the ” TIOBE Index for March 2020 “, which aggregates the number of searches for programming languages, C++ keeps 4th place (March 2020) after Java, C, and python, and has a share rate of 6.79%. I am. This ranking is based on search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, YouTube, Baidu, etc., and is one of the indicators that reveal the most popular languages ​​among developers. C++ continues to stay high in the top ten, even as ranking changes fluctuate.

■ What you can do with C ++

● WEB application development

C++ is also used in the development of web applications, taking advantage of its ability to process computers at high speed. Typical web applications developed in C++ are as follows.



The world wide web browser “Chrome” is also developed in C++, and the plug-in that is an extension in Chrome is also made in C++.



Unreal-Engine is a program developed by one of the American game development companies, Epic Games, to perform major processing in the operation of computer games, but C++ is also used for the development of Unreal-Engine. increase.



Cocos2d-x is a framework for game development. It is possible to run multiple platforms with one program, and it is widely used by individual game developers and major companies. Cocos2d-x is also developed by C++. In addition to C++, development using languages ​​such as JavaScript and Lua is also possible.


● Development of robot technology

Recently, we have heard words such as “AI”, a computer system with human intelligence, and “deep learning”, which allows computers to learn tasks performed by humans such as voice recognition and image identification. C++ is also used for technology development. In particular, it is widely used in robot technology, and C++ can be used to instruct robots to perform complex programming.


● Development of IoT technology

IoT is an abbreviation for “Internet of Things” and means “Internet of Things”. By attaching a sensor called an IoT device to an object and connecting it to the Internet, monitoring and control become possible. An example of the use of IoT is a “smart house” where you can operate home appliances on the go just by connecting to a smartphone.


■ Advantages of using C ++

● Compatible with C language

As mentioned above, C++ is a further evolution based on the C language. Therefore, C language and C++ are compatible. In other words, when changing from C language to C++, you can add it in C++ to the source code written in C language.


● Computer processing speed is fast

The advantage of using C ++ is that the processing speed of the computer is fast. In the first place, not only C ++ but also C language programming languages ​​have the characteristic of high processing speed, and among them, C ++ is convenient not only for speed but also for complicated systems. It is often used for large-scale systems that tend to slow down processing speeds.


● Deepen your understanding of other programming languages

C ++ and C have a long history as programming languages and are the basis of other languages ​​such as Java, Python, and PHP that will appear later. Therefore, learning C ++ or C language has the advantage of deepening your understanding of other languages. For example, it’s like understanding the concept of numbers first before learning addition or subtraction. Even those who do not know computers can learn more about programming languages ​​by learning C ++.


■ How to find a system development company that is good at C ++

This time, I have introduced C ++. C ++ is a programming language that extends the longest-established C language. Not only is the processing speed of the computer fast, but it also has the advantage of being able to handle complex systems, so it is often used in large-scale systems that tend to slow down. It is also compatible with the C language, so if you are currently concerned about the slow processing speed of your system, you may want to consider it. But even if you consider it, how do you find a developer or supplier? On the portal site ” Order Navi
“, one of the largest system development companies in Japan, it is possible to search for the most suitable supplier that supports C ++ from more than 2000 system development companies nationwide. For details, see ” 8 Recommended Development Companies for System Development with C ++ “.

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