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What is CakePHP? Easy-to-understand explanation of basic knowledge and what can be done


CakePHP, uniquely named “cake,” is one of the most popular frameworks in the PHP language worldwide.
In this article, we will explain in detail the basic information of PHP in programming languages ​​to the features of C PHP.

table of contents

  • 1. What is PHP?
  • 2. What is CakePHP?
  • 3. Features of CakePHP?
  • 4. What you can do with PHP (CakePHP)


What is PHP

In the first place, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a kind of programming language and was developed by Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf. As a language feature, PHP is a language that specializes in creating web pages and web applications. In particular, it is suitable for creating “dynamic websites” whose contents change depending on the viewing time and timing, such as shopping sites and SNS. Yahoo !, which is familiar as a search engine and portal site, and Facebook, which is known as a global SNS site, are also typical sites created using PHP.

Although PHP is designed to follow the design of “C language”, which is a language that is difficult to learn, it is easier for beginners to remember because the code and grammar are easier to understand and input than C language. It is gaining popularity as an easy language. For business people who want to “create their shopping site” or “attach an inquiry form to their homepage”, the existence of development companies and engineers who can handle PHP will be useful. For details on PHP, see ” What is PHP? Explaining the basic knowledge of PHP for programming beginners! “.


What is CakePHP?


Source: CakePHP – Build fast, grow solid | PHP framework


CakePHP is an open-source framework that uses the PHP language mentioned above. The framework is, so to speak, an “assortment of functions that help development”, and C PHP also has many functions for easily creating web applications and web pages. C PHP is a well-established framework for its ease of introduction and ease of learning, as it requires almost no server settings or maintenance of the operating environment, and there are many Japanese learning sites.

Although it was a framework that appeared in 2005, it has been updated in detail even in the modern age of Reiwa, and you can see how popular C PHP is. By the way, C PHP’s “Cake” is a cake of sweets and is named because it can be easily developed like baking a cake. The C PHP logo and the official website also incorporate a lot of cake design, and it can be said that it is a framework full of the creator’s sense of humor.


Features of CakePHP

● MVC architecture

The main feature of CakePHP is that it is a framework built with the “MVC architecture”. This is based on the following three functions.

  • Model: A function to interact with the database
  • View: A function to display on the browser
  • Controller: Function to control the whole

CakePHP web applications are designed with this MVC architecture concept. Since each function is independent, it is easy to divide the labor by assigning a person in charge for each engineer, and there is an advantage that it is easy to respond to function expansion and specification changes. This MVC architecture is often used in frameworks that focus on ease of development, such as “Ruby on Rails,” and CakePHP is also built on the concept and design of Ruby on Rails.


● bake function

CakePHP has a feature called the bake feature that helps speed up development. This is a function to create a file related to MVC mentioned above, and the program is automatically generated just by answering the interactive question. With this function, it is possible to create the basic part of MVC without writing the source code. By the way, bake means “bake”, and a fancy name is adopted for the function name after “cake” which is the origin of CakePHP. In addition to this, CakePHP has a “form helper” that automatically generates form-related tags such as text boxes and radio buttons, and a “scaffolding” that helps create master screens for adding and deleting table records. ) ”, etc. are installed to save the development effort like bake.


● Active community

CakePHP has a community that you can join from the official page. CakePHP engineers from all over the world participate in this community, and it is used for various purposes such as exchanging information, reporting bugs, and booking conferences exclusively for CakePHP.


What you can do with PHP (CakePHP)

As mentioned at the beginning, PHP is a programming language that specializes in creating “dynamic web pages”. Pages created with CakePHP also have many dynamic websites and applications as shown below.


● Creation of EC site and event customer attraction site

PHP is suitable for creating an EC site that requires a membership information registration page and a product purchase page. Cocona, a skill flea market site where you can buy and sell knowledge and technology, is also famous as a website created using CakePHP. In addition, you can also create a customer attraction site that announces and recruits events and seminars using PHP, which is good at creating dynamic pages.


● Creating groupware

Groupware is a tool for sharing and communicating information within the company. A programming language like PHP will come in handy to install electronic bulletin boards, conference room reservation functions, document sharing functions, and so on. Many companies in charge of system development use CakePHP as a framework for developing business management systems such as groupware.


● Creating a blog

WordPress, a blogging software used worldwide, is known as a service developed in PHP. Knowledge of PHP (or HTML) may be required to customize a site created with WordPress or create a plugin. It will also be useful for bloggers and affiliates working with WordPress.

However, while PHP and CakePHP are easy to develop, they have the disadvantage of slow program processing speed. Keep in mind that while it is suitable for creating relatively small websites and applications, it is not suitable for dealing with large amounts of data.

There are many frameworks used in PHP programming languages, such as Laravel, which has excellent expandability, and Codeigniter, which has a reputation for high processing speed. .. In the modern era of Reiwa, Laravel is gaining market share, but CakePHP is still popular when it comes to domestic popularity and versatility. If you are a corporate person and are considering developing an EC site or groupware, why not try creating an application using CakePHP, which has a proven track record as a framework.

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