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What is Color Me Shop? Introducing in detail from the introduction method to specific merits

 Color Me Shop
Color Me Shop

Many stores and companies sell products via the Internet, such as “”, which is known as a major online shopping site in the United States, and “Yodobashi Camera,” which boasts a high profile as a consumer electronics mass retailer.
The mail-order sites and online shops that exist on the Internet are called “EC sites”, but some corporate personnel who aim to expand product sales and expand overseas say “I want to create an EC site myself!” Many people think that. If you are such a person, why not try using the ” Color Me Shop
“, which is useful for opening and managing EC sites. This time, I will explain in detail from the basic information of Color Me Shop to the concrete merits.


table of contents

  • 1. What is Color Me Shop?
  • 2. Color Me Shop Functions
  • 3. Benefits of Color Me Shop
  • 4. Disadvantages of Color Me Shop
  • 5. People (companies) who are suitable for using Color Me Shop
  • 6. How to introduce Color Me Shop?

What is Color Me Shop?

Source: Online shop creation service Color Me Shop

Color Me Shop is an EC site opening and operation management service designed for people and companies who want to open a shop on the Internet. It has the feature that “a full-scale online shop can be opened immediately” without the need for knowledge of IT and design, and it is widely used by both individuals and corporations.

In the past, when opening a store on the Internet, it was indispensable to have a designer who designs the site design and an IT engineer who is responsible for the site construction and operation. CMS simplifies all the tasks such as “designing a store” and “displaying products” that were done by these specialists, and even those without knowledge and skills can easily open a store. It has a function that can be operated.

Therefore, if you want to have a store on the Internet but have no IT engineers or designers or no store management know-how, consider introducing a cms with a proven track record. How about seeing it? Despite its historic service released in 2005, more than 140,000 online shops have been opened using the CMS, and it remains highly popular even today in Rewa.


Color Me Shop Features

Main functions detail
Make a shop Ability to create store designs, shop logos, etc.
Prepare the product A function to set the page on which products are posted, product categories, etc.
Set up payment A function to set the payment method of the store such as credit, electronic money, and bank transfer.
Set delivery A function to set the delivery method, shipping fee, packing method, etc. of the product.
Gather customers Ability to conduct competition investigations, advertisement placement, etc.
analyze A function that aggregates sales and analyzes store access.
Management settings Functions for customer management, product inventory management, final tax returns, etc.

The main functions installed in Color Me Shop are as shown in the table above. You can open a store on the Internet without any hassle because it has all the functions related to opening and operating a store. Users must prepare products, but with CMS, you can freely sell products from groceries to fashion miscellaneous goods and daily necessities via the Internet.

In addition, CMS has abundant additional apps, and it is possible to add functions to the store as needed. For example, you can automate the process from ordering a product to shipping, notify prospective customers of the restocking of a product, and introduce it in a form that suits your needs. Depending on the app, it costs money, but CMS can create a store as the user wants with its excellent functions and abundant apps.

Even today, features are being updated and apps are being added in response to customer requests. Considering that both functionality and support system are substantial, Color Me Shop can be said to be a highly promising service. In the following sections, we will explain in detail the benefits of using CMS and the people who are suitable for it.


Benefits of Color Me Shop

● Easy to use even for first-time users

In addition to the generous support system, Color Me Shop stands out for its “easiness of introduction”. There are services other than CMS that are useful for opening and operating an EC site, but there are often cases where “Japanese is not supported” or “there are few manuals for the domestic market” depending on the service. On the other hand, Color Me Shop is a service that can be said to be a “long-established store” regarding the opening and operation of EC sites and has a wealth of know-how in opening and operating stores. If you’re a person who runs a physical store but doesn’t care about IT, we recommend the CMS, which is kind to beginners.


● The usage fee is cheaper than other services

Color Me Shop is also excellent in terms of “cheap usage fees”. Especially for the EC site opening service, the usage fee is often determined by the “sales of the store”, and the fee is often high enough to sell the product. However, you can use the CMS for 3,000 yen per month regardless of the number of sales (regular plan). If you have a small store with low sales, it will not affect you so much even if the charge is added, but considering the long-term cost, we recommend using the CMS. In addition, from May 2021, the “Free Plan” with no initial cost and monthly usage fee appeared, and the introduction hurdles have been lowered more than ever, making the service easier to use.

Source: May 13, 2021 Launch of new rate plan “Free Plan”


Disadvantages of Color Me Shop

● Knowledge and skills are required for advanced site design

The Color Me Shop has a lot of templates to decide the design of the store, but to design the detailed design, knowledge, and skills related to IT are necessary. At Color Me Shop, specialized staff provide support for opening and operating the store, so if you have any questions about opening or operating the store, you can use the support system as needed. is.


● It is difficult to secure the ability to attract customers

Even if you open a store on the Internet, you will need to make corporate efforts in terms of “whether you can acquire new customers” and “whether sales will improve”. Although the Color Me Shop supports the opening and operation of the store, individuals and companies must handle the basic parts such as decision-making of management policy and development of new products.

However, the above disadvantages are often mentioned in other EC platforms. Therefore, although there are disadvantages to Color Me Shop, keep in mind that “there are few disadvantages unique to Color Me Shop”.


People (companies) who are suitable for using Color Me Shop

In terms of the features and merits mentioned above, Color Me Shop is ideal for “people who want to set up an EC site easily with a small budget” and “people who want to use an EC platform with abundant support and manuals”. .. Even those who have tried to sell their products through their homepages and blogs but have had to give up due to the high hurdles can have their shop at a low cost.


Source: Color Me Shop Awards 2019


By the way, Color Me Shop holds a unique event called the “Color Me Shop Award” to select excellent stores from shops all over Japan. This is an annual event that recognizes the growth and management efforts of shops, and the shops that have achieved excellent results are selected every year. If you are a person in charge of a company who wants to open a store at Color Me Shop, why not try to win the award while aiming to improve the sales and promote the store.


How to introduce Color Me Shop?

The Color Me Shop offers a “free trial plan”, so there is no charge for 30 days. When you create a shop at Color Me Shop, you start by registering your e-mail address from the official page of Color Me Shop.

➀ Creating a shop ➁ Operation preparation ③ Shop OPEN
1. 1. Register the product 1. 1. Post the Specified Commercial Transactions Law 1. 1. Set up email
2. Change the shop design 2. Register your privacy policy 2. Confirm from order placement to delivery
3. 3. Change the top page 3. 3. Decide on a delivery company 3. 3. Make a test purchase
Four. Register the shipping method Four. Confirm contract and payment method
Five. Decide on a settlement agency
6. Register payment

Source: [First-time users] Color Me Shop Opening Procedure Guide | Color Me Shop Manual


Specifically, the flow is to create a store according to the opening procedure as shown in the table above, but since the official page has easy-to-understand PDF manuals and videos, open the store without hesitation. You will be able to. Please note that the only thing you can do at Color Me Shop is to create a store. For delivery of goods and use of credit card payment, an individual or a company must conclude a contract with a shipping company or a payment agency.

However, the manual also covers “how to choose the most suitable shipping company”, “how to choose a payment agency”, and “specific contract method” according to the user, so even the first person can do it without delay. You should be able to open the store. The kindness of this kind of beginner-friendly support system is also the secret to the popularity of Color Me Shop, which boasts one of the largest in Japan.

This time, we introduced in detail the basic knowledge and introduction method of Color Me Shop. By introducing a color my shop to open stores and improving the efficiency of store operations, it will be easier to acquire new customers and improve sales.

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