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What is concrete5? Easy-to-understand explanation from basic knowledge to specific functions


WordPress is the standard CMS used worldwide, and many people may have heard of the CMS ” concrete5 ” recently.
WordPress is an easy-to-use CMS, but since it is the most suitable specialized CMS for blogs that arrange articles in chronological order, other CMSs are easy to use if the site updates the page regularly.
One of the options is ” concrete5 “. Of course, there are some sites where WordPress is the best choice, but it would be wise to choose the one that suits the nature and operation method of the site, without feeling like “WordPress for the time being”.
This time, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of c5 and the ease of use compared to WordPress.


table of contents

  • 1. What is “CMS” in the first place?
  • 2. What is concrete5
  • 3. Features of concrete5
  • 4. Benefits of concrete5
  • 5. Disadvantages of concrete5
  • 6. What is the difference between concrete5 and WordPress?
  • 7. How to install concrete5

What is “CMS” in the first place?

CMS (Content Management System) is a system for managing the contents of websites. Anyone can easily and intuitively operate and manage the site. For example, let’s say “correct only one sentence on the site”. In such a case, if you have not installed CMS, you need to edit the HTML source code description directly. Also, after editing, you must use a tool called FTP software and upload it to the server before the corrections will be reflected on the site. Correcting just one sentence requires knowledge of HTML and FTP software.

With the introduction of CMS, you can change the visually visible text by one sentence and save the data, and the information on the site will be updated automatically. CMS is indispensable to minimize the trouble of operating a website.

To put it more simply, CMS can be recognized as “a tool that makes it easy to manage the operation of a site.”


What is concrete5

Source: concrete5 – CMS for the best website management [Japanese official website]

concrete5 (concrete five) is also called “general-purpose CMS”, and it is an attractive CMS with a high degree of freedom to build EC sites, SNS, and business systems. Originally paid, it has been open-sourced and anyone can download it for free.

Although concrete5 is a CMS that can make anything, it cannot be the “optimal solution” for all purposes. You can create a blog with c5, but it’s much easier to choose WordPress, which is specialized for blogs.

The strength of a general-purpose CMS that does not specialize in anything, such as c5, is that “a difficult implementation is possible with a specialized CMS.” For example, when you think “I want a function as a blog or SNS on an EC site” or “I want to create a place where viewers can interact with each other even though it is a media site”, a specialized type like WordPress that does not assume such usage. In CMS, there are cases where you have to implement it a little forcibly. Unreasonable implementation can complicate operations and cause unexpected errors. With c5, you can implement SNS and blog functions without the effort of a specialized type. The appeal of c5 is that it can easily handle implementations that cannot be covered by specialized CMS.


Features of concrete5

Concrete5, a general-purpose CMS, has the following functions.


● Intuitively create and edit content by dragging and dropping

The biggest feature of c5 is that it does not use knowledge of HTML or CSS when creating content. Anyone can build a site simply by dragging and dropping parts called “blocks”. You can intuitively create content by operating it as you see it on the screen.


● The interface supports multiple foreign languages

concrete5 supports multiple foreign languages ​​as standard. In other words, you can get the multilingual site construction function for free. You don’t even have to buy any additional plugins. If you want to create a site that supports multiple foreign languages, concrete5 will be an option.


● Version control function

In concrete5, a function called “version control function” that manages the version history is installed. The version history is simply the “page save history”.

In concrete5, the version history is saved so that it can be used for various operations. In addition to being able to compare the version of the published page and the page currently being edited, the creator/approver of the created page version and the creation date and time are displayed, which is useful when operating and managing the site with multiple people. Probably.

In addition to the version control function, c5 also has a “rollback function” that returns the version. The page is published by “approval”, but by “approving” the past version, it is a function that can revert to the old version. ..


Benefits of concrete5

The advantages of concrete5 over other CMS are as follows.


● Ease of operation

As introduced in the function section, c5 allows intuitive editing by simply dragging and dropping a part called a “block”. You can freely create content as you see it on the screen. Since you don’t have to go back and forth between the edit screen and the preview screen, you can perform advanced layouts such as placing images next to text, emphasizing strings, and adjusting column widths, even if you do not know the site design. is. Of course, there are blocks where you can enter HTML, so you can handle layouts that require complicated source code.

There is no problem even if the operator does not have the skills to update the site, and it is easy to operate even for clients who do not know HTML and CSS.


● Ease of construction and customization

One of the attractions of Concrete5 is that many functions can be used as standard. Advanced functions such as inquiry form and image slider are also standard equipment, and you can realize various site creation without using add-ons (often called “plug-ins” in other CMS). Since the 301 redirect process after moving the page is also performed automatically, you can easily customize it.

Of course, there is also a marketplace for paid add-ons, which is not as diverse as WordPress, but it has been reviewed, safe, and highly functional. If you’re looking for a “site that’s resistant to changes later,” consider implementing Concrete5.


● Ease of management

concrete5 is a CMS designed on the assumption that multiple people will operate the site. Therefore, it is designed so that detailed editing/approval authority can be set for each page, user, and block. In addition, you can post reservations for content. Not only new pages but also corrections can be posted at the desired date and time. In other words, when posting a limited-time campaign or emergency notification on the top page, you don’t have to wait until the time comes for an update.

To support this reserved posting function, there is also a preview function that allows each authorized person to check “what the page looks like” when accessed.


Disadvantages of concrete5

Although concrete5 has many advantages, it also has disadvantages because it has few users and a high degree of freedom as a general-purpose CMS.


● I can’t find a solution when I’m in trouble

Since concrete5 has few domestic users, it has the disadvantage that there is little information to solve the question “How do you operate it?”. Since WordPress has many users, if you search for it, a solution will be hit immediately even if it is a niche problem, but concrete5 has little information and it is difficult to solve the problem. If you suddenly don’t understand the operation, you have to look it up in every corner using a book or the Internet or solve it by yourself.


● The reading speed may be heavy.

concrete5 uses JavaScript and PHP for its operation and has the disadvantage of slowing down the display speed. There are cases where it can be improved by deleting the version history or using the cache function, but the disadvantage is that the operation tends to be slow because the abundant functions can be used.


● The degree of freedom is too high

The high degree of freedom that concrete5 has is an advantage, but it is also a disadvantage.

For example, WordPress cannot be redesigned for each content, but it is possible to create simple articles because of restrictions. Concrete5, on the other hand, allows you to change the design from page to page, so you can spend as much time as you want. The high degree of freedom may backfire and cause confusion. Concrete5 is a good choice for elaborate designs, but if not, WordPress is a good choice.


What is the difference between concrete5 and WordPress?

I will explain the difference between “concrete 5” introduced so far and the global CMS “WordPress”. It is important to select a CMS according to the purpose and operation of the site. In particular, there are significant differences between Concrete5 and WordPress, so be familiar with the differences and choose the CMS that suits your site.


● What kind of site is concrete5 suitable for?

Concrete5 is good at intuitive operation and site operation by multiple people. We have been focusing on “intuitive operability” from the time of development, and you can create content just by arranging it with the mouse. Even beginners who do not have knowledge or skills in HTML are designed so that they can create content as soon as they teach it once.

In addition, concrete5 is designed on the premise that “a website is operated by multiple people”. For example, you can select the timing to reflect the changes in the content, so you can prevent the mistake of “I published it before the check!” That is often seen when sandwiching the check flow. In addition, permission management that is so detailed that you can set the availability for each user or block is a useful function when operating a membership site or when operating a site with a large number of people.

Considering the merits of operability and authority management, if you have the following features, it will be compatible with concrete5.

  • I want to change the design layout for each page
  • I want to frequently replace the content on the page
  • I want to set the reflection date and time of content changes
  • I want to display campaign page content for a limited time
  • I want to create a membership site
  • The site is managed by a large number of people, and an approval flow occurs
  • Some operators do not know HTML


● What kind of site is WordPress suitable for?

Compared to concrete5, it has a lower degree of freedom and requires knowledge of HTML, so it is a CMS that requires learning costs when handled by beginners. The strength of WordPress is that they function as a “blog” has been completed. You can create landing pages and corporate sites, but it has the advantage that you can start blogging immediately after installation. Therefore, WordPress is compatible with blogs and media sites that mainly “update articles”.

If you have the following features, it will be compatible with WordPress.

  • Few fixed pages do not need to be modified
  • The site is operated by a small number of people
  • The publisher has some knowledge of HTML
  • I want to reflect the changes immediately


How to install concrete5

You need a server to install concrete5. Rent a rental server or set up a server in your local environment before installing.


1. Download the latest version of concrete5 from the official website.

2. Upload the downloaded file as a zip file to the server.

3. Unzip the zip file and move the contents of the directory to the document root. On most servers, it is a folder named “public_html”.

4. If your account uses the suexec or phpsuexec features, set the permissions to 755.

5. Create a MySQL database and prepare a user account with access to that database.

6. When “install Concrete5” is displayed on the screen, select the language and the installation is complete.


The official site of concrete5 has the latest information and how to join the community. When considering the introduction of concrete5, please take a look at the official site introduced at the beginning.

If you ever want to know about similar things, check out the Facebook page Maga Techs



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