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What is Salesforce pricing? Thorough explanation on how to get a quote and how to select a request destination!

Salesforce pricing
Salesforce pricing

In today’s world where DX (digital transformation) is becoming more widespread and promoted, the amount of data handled by businesses is becoming enormous.
If these data are not properly managed, they often cause information complexity and leakage, which can hinder business operations. I think many people are considering introducing Salesforce to manage the data and information handled by this company.
Salesforce is a popular service for some of the world’s top business applications, but it’s ideal to understand its features and pricing before considering it. This time, we will explain the features and Salesforce pricing.


table of contents

  • 1. What is Salesforce?
  • 2. Salesforce pricing structure
  • 3. Salesforce’s representative products and their functions
  • 4. How to select a client who excels in introducing and refurbishing Salesforce
  • 5. Make good use of Salesforce to improve efficiency

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the customer management solution systems, and it has some mechanisms necessary to connect companies and customers. It’s a cloud-type tool, so it’s quite convenient to use without overwhelming the storage in your computer.

It is popular on a global scale, and it has been confirmed that it has been introduced by more than 150,000 companies worldwide by 2020. For more specific content, ” What is” Salesforce “? Increase your sales force with the world’s largest share business app! Please check it as it is explained in.


Salesforce pricing

Salesforce pricing consists of three components:

  • product
  • Edition
  • License fee

Depending on this combination, it can cost millions of yen. Check the system and make adjustments so that you do not exceed your budget.


● Product

Some examples of products include:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud

To explain individually, Sales Cloud is a cloud with the functions needed to support the sales department. Service Cloud will be a cloud with the functions required to support operations such as contact centers. The final Community Cloud is a platform that connects people with people such as employees and partners and customers.

Prices for each edition will vary depending on which product you choose, so be sure to check in advance. To avoid failing to deploy Salesforce, it’s a good idea to carefully consider which products your company needs before making your selection.


● Edition

Editions are divided into the following four stages according to their width and maximum number.

  • Essentials
  • Professional
  • Enterprise Enterprise
  • Unlimited

Essentials have the fewest features available and are an edition for small businesses with up to 10 users. Although it has few functions, it can also be used for opportunity management in Essentials. Professional is an expanded edition that gives more companies flexibility. From here, you will be able to manage contracts and quotations, so most companies will be able to use it without problems if they contract with a Professional.

Enterprise is an edition designed to make it easy to customize features for your company. Recommended for companies that want to get the most out of Salesforce even if they raise costs a little. The final Unlimited is an edition with unlimited features and support. Cost performance is important for running a company, so if you are aware of that and can fully use the functions, Unlimited is fine.


● License fee

The license required to use Salesforce features also costs money.

There is a monthly fee per user, not a cost per account. For example, Essentials is limited to 10 people, so if the unit price is 3,000 yen, “3,000 x 10 = 30,000 yen” will be the license cost for the entire company. With this in mind, you need to think carefully about which product to use and which edition to sign up for.


● Notes on charges

Salesforce has the property that it takes a certain amount of time to produce results after it is introduced. Therefore, it is often the case that the operation is stopped without being fully cost-effective. Once you’ve introduced Salesforce, you can operate it from a long-term perspective so that you don’t waste time as well as financial costs.


Salesforce’s representative products and their functions

The following are typical Salesforce products.

  • SFA (Sales Support)
  • Service Cloud (Customer Service)
  • Marketing Cloud



SFA is an abbreviation of “Sales Force Automation” and means a management support system. To put it more easily, it is a system that can visualize and manage the process from the start of business negotiation to the order. Sales jobs can be subdivided into several tasks, but the following tasks can be automated.

  • Creating a customer list
  • Creation of proposals, quotations, proposals, etc.
  • Disseminating information to potential customers
  • Follow existing customers

Even if it is not completely automated, you can streamline your work by partially preparing a template and matching it to that type. By introducing SFA, sales information can be visualized and accumulated as data and know-how. As a result, stable sales will be possible without relying on the intuition of sales staff. When deploying SFA tools, be clear about the purpose of the deployment. Then, share the purpose between the management team and the field, and prepare a backup system such as training so that you can use it well. When introducing a system, it will be a wasteful cost if the effect cannot be maximized, so be sure to prepare well before considering the introduction.


● Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a service that can streamline the work of call center and customer support. Support operations cannot provide direct profits, but if you can publicize that you have a solid support system, you may be able to retain new customers. In addition, since it is a business that can obtain overall profits by reducing costs, I would like to automate it and improve efficiency.

Service Cloud has a function called knowledge base, which can store various information about products and services. By accumulating the contents of the inquiry once, you can use the saved remedy again when the same inquiry is made again, and you can respond quickly. As the amount of information accumulated gradually increases, the contact point for inquiries can be automated without the need for staff to provide support. If support automation can be achieved, it will be possible to devote a source of personnel to tasks that require human intervention.

If Service Cloud is introduced, it will be possible to improve business efficiency while reducing labor costs, which will greatly increase profits. If you use other functions such as process builder, you can implement the system without programming. Also, if you use the CTI function, it will be easier to respond to calls by linking with Amazon Connect.


● Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a tool that can automate marketing activities.

Marketing is important not only to retain existing customers but also to acquire new customers. In the past, marketing used to take time and money to find and approach customers with high accuracy. However, by automating this with Marketing Cloud, you can approach interested people, so you can carry out marketing activities efficiently.

With the Email Studio function, you can send focused emails to each customer all at once, and with functions such as Advertising Studio, you can display the content you are interested in promptly. It is not easy to connect with customers by understanding them and providing them with a focus. Marketing Cloud makes it easier to reach out to your customers.

How to choose a client who excels in introducing and refurbishing Salesforce

To deploy Salesforce, it’s important to choose where to ask. Please be aware of the following points when choosing a request destination.

  • Find a company with a proven track record
  • Take multiple quotes and compare
  • Use matching service


● Find a company that has a track record of introduction

Ideally, when looking for a client, choose a company that has a proven track record of Salesforce implementation. If you ask someone who doesn’t have solid know-how and you don’t get the effect you want, the cost will be wasted. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you check the companies that have a track record of introduction and make a priority request.


● Take multiple quotes and compare

When requesting anything, not just Salesforce, it is important to get quotations from multiple companies and compare them. Even if you check only one company and think that you can request it safely and securely at a reasonable cost, another company may be able to request it under better conditions. Opportunity loss cannot be reduced to zero, but it can be reduced to some extent by comparison.


● Use matching service

It is not easy to find a client without a corporate connection.

However, if you use a matching service that supports it, it will be easier to find the company you are requesting. You can get in touch by posting your request on a matching service and waiting for a supplier to be found, or by approaching a company that can implement Salesforce. In addition, there are many cases where specialists are stationed in the matching service, so even if you do not have outsourcing know-how, it is easy to smoothly perform from searching for a request destination to making an estimate and making a request. Especially for companies that are new to finding a client, we recommend using the matching service.


Make good use of Salesforce for efficiency

A system that connects companies and customers is useful for efficiently generating profits in corporate operations. Salesforce is one of the tools to help you match these. With the functions installed in Salesforce, you can set up a support system so that you can use the service safely and securely, and you can manage customer information firmly. Improving profits is not a dream if we can provide something that meets the needs of our customers. Companies that can request Salesforce introduction support or refurbishment are explained in detail on the following page, so please refer to it when choosing a company.

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