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What is scratch development? Introducing the difference from package development


scratch development
scratch development

Scratch development without using existing products or templates.
Here, I will explain such scratch development, focusing on those two points, what kind of development method it is and what is the difference from package development.
This is information that anyone in charge of system development should know.

table of contents

  • 1. What is scratch development?
  • 2. Four benefits of scratch development
  • 3. Scratch development flow

■ What is scratch development?

Scratch development is to develop an original system from scratch without using packages that are the template for system development.
Scratch development is the key to implementing features not found in existing systems. A famous example is an original system like the early days of JR’s seat reservation system “Mars”. In addition to this, there is also the advantage that cooperation with other systems such as customer management systems is smooth. However, since the system is developed from scratch, it costs money and takes time. It’s not a good option for companies that value cost and speed.

● Differences from package development

Package development refers to a development method that utilizes an existing system. In other words, you can use it as it is or customize it partially by using something like a system template. Depending on the project, it may or may not be suitable for scratch development or package development, so please consider it carefully.

For example, if you have a clear vision, such as “I want features that existing systems don’t have!”, You should choose scratch development. On the other hand, if you are not particular about it, you do not need to build your system. We recommend package development, which has advantages in terms of cost and schedule over scratch development.


■ Three benefits of scratch development

There are three major benefits of scratch development.


1. 1. Differentiate from other companies

Since we develop the system from scratch, it is possible to build a system that is different from other companies, as a matter of course. Customization is possible even for package development. However, the foundations are the same, so they are inevitably similar. If it is scratch development, you will be able to greatly appeal to the difference from other companies. Recommended if you want to implement your original functions.


2. Easy to fit your budget

Since the system is built from scratch, it costs more than other development methods. However, if you think about it the other way around, you can create a system that includes only the necessary functions, so you can reduce the cost of unnecessary functions. Therefore, the cost can be kept to the minimum necessary.


3. 3. Can be used for a long time

In the case of package development, the possibility that the company that provides the package will end support is not zero. In that case, the system would have to be rebuilt from scratch, wasting money and time. However, in the case of scratch development, you can use it for a long time without worrying about the system shutting down.


■ Scratch development flow

The flow of scratch development is basically like this.



Requirements definition

Screen design (UI)

System development

Check / debug

Test operation

Production release


Maintenance / expansion


Of these, the most important step is the requirement definition step.
Requirement definition is the process of telling the development company what kind of system you want to make, and the system will be made based on the request here. At this time, if you convey the desired conditions with ambiguous expressions, it will be remade later and the cost will increase. To avoid this, try to convey the information accurately by using paper media instead of just verbally.


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