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What is SES sales? Thorough explanation of business content, its flow, future potential, how to acquire new customers, etc.!

SES sales
SES sales

While IT human resources are invaluable, it is thought that every company needs a business model called SES sales. But before you introduce SES sales, you need to understand how it works.
Therefore, for those who want to know what SES sales are like, we will explain the outline, future potential, actual flow, etc. of SES sales. In this article, we will mainly introduce the three items of “SES sales business content and necessary skills”, “SES sales future potential”, and “SES sales flow”.


table of contents

  • 1. What are SES sales?
  • 2. Business content of SES sales
  • 3. Qualities and skills required for SES sales
  • 4. Future of SES sales
  • 5. SES sales flow
  • 6. Matching service is recommended for acquiring new customers!
  • 7. Efficiently remove the SES sales barrier

What are SES sales?

SES is an abbreviation of “System Engineering Service” and refers to a service in which an IT engineer is stationed at a client’s site and temporarily provided as a labor force of the company. SES sales are sales activities for that purpose.

The engineers provided by SES can be roughly divided into the following three types.

  • In-house engineer
  • Engineers from other companies
  • Freelance engineer

In-house engineers are engineers employed by the SES company itself. Engineers of other companies are engineers employed by other SES companies, and when there is a shortage of their engineers, we may ask an SES company with which we have a tie-up to dispatch an engineer. A freelance engineer is an engineer who is active as a freelancer and is an engineer who has been registered with the company and has an outsourcing contract.

Since we may ask other engineers who are registered in-house like engineers of other companies, we may sell to other companies in the same industry as well as companies that need engineers. If you try to manage an engineer by yourself, the amount of work may cause a shortage of engineers or an increase in the number of engineers who cannot operate. Therefore, when providing SES, it is important to narrow down the number of engineers and create an environment where human resources can be secured from other than the company.


Business content of SES sales

The business contents of SES sales are mainly the following four.

  • Earn appointments
  • Opportunity
  • Securing and introducing engineers
  • Follow the engineer


● Earn appointments

First of all, there is no profit unless you make an appointment. You need to find a company that wants engineer talent and have that company become an existing customer. As a step toward that end, it is important to approach companies that are interested in SES, and there are various ways to do so. Examples include advertising on SNS and advertising on YouTube video ads. Also, when advertising, please be aware that you will advertise in a way that appeals to other SES companies.


● Business negotiations

Once you have made an appointment, we will discuss with the client what the engineer needs and what kind of engineer you need.

In that case, it is necessary to keep the following requirements in mind.

  • Contents of the development system
  • A guideline period
  • Number of engineers required
  • Language to use
  • What to ask an engineer

It is necessary to carefully rub together what kind of system you want to create and when you want to implement it and provide an engineer that suits it. However, which programming language you use to create the system will determine which engineer you need.

In addition to that, compatibility with engineers is also required, so it is important to ask what kind of personality and how much knowledge is good for the client’s industry. The more suitable engineers are dispatched, the easier it will be for clients to feel that their SES is better.


● Securing and introducing engineers

After having a detailed meeting with the client, we will look for the appropriate personnel in our engineer or registered free engineer. If not, we will compare the information of engineers of other SES companies and introduce engineers with a high match rate.

Then, before starting the actual work, the customer company, the SES company, and the engineer will have an interview and get an agreement, then the actual work will start.


● Follow up with engineers

When the work starts, the engineer will be resident, but even engineers sent from external SES companies must support themselves firmly. We will ask if the engineer who started working is having trouble with the work in some way and if there is any support that he wants to do in the future. The business of SES sales is not to provide engineers but to firmly support engineers.


Qualities and skills required for SES sales

It is important to be aware of the following skills when conducting SES sales.

  • communication ability
  • Ability to collect information
  • Learning ability


● Communication skills

It can be said that communication skills are indispensable as long as it is a sales position. However, just because you can talk positively does not mean that you have communication skills. It is important to have the ability to listen to the other person’s story, respond accordingly, and have a conversation that makes the other person feel comfortable talking. Smooth communication and relationships of trust help maximize work performance.


● Ability to collect information

Trends tend to be updated easily in the IT industry, so the ability to constantly collect the latest information is required for system development. Conversely, engineers who are not sensitive to trends are more likely to be weeded out. It is the same not only for the engineers who develop the system but also for the staff who carry out SES sales. It is important to keep updating the information so that we can understand the trends and send out the right people.


● Learning ability

It is important to collect information, but the learning ability to chew and swallow it is also a necessary ability for engineers. In some cases, high abilities will be required for trending programming languages. If you can handle the language well when that happens, you will be able to catch the trend fastest and meet the demands of multiple companies as an engineer.

For the engineers dispatched to the site to become such human resources, it is also important to become SES sales staff who can share the same feelings to some extent.


Future of SES sales

SES sales are attracting attention as a highly promising service. There are three reasons for this.

  • High demand for IT human resources
  • There is a way of independence
  • You can step up to an IT consultant


● High demand for IT human resources

The IT industry is chronically understaffed, and it is expected that the IT industry will continue to accelerate in the future. And since many companies have a constant need for system development, it is believed that IT human resources will continue to be needed. Due to such influences, the opportunities for elementary school students to come into contact with PCs are increasing recently. Even if you don’t have any knowledge about IT yet, if you work hard to become an engineer, there is a good chance that you will become an engineer dispatched by SES sales. If you are interested in engineers even a little, we recommend that you proceed with learning little by little.


● There is a way of independence

As I explained earlier, SES sales can be done by registering as an engineer at a specific company and getting a job, even in the form of freelance. Considering that you can work in a way that is not tied to a specific form, SES sales are easy to attract as many IT human resources as possible. Given the future potential of the IT industry, it is unlikely that you will not be able to continue your business, and SES sales are a service that allows you to grow your business sustainably.


● You can step up to an IT consultant

There is a way to become a freelance engineer who does SES sales, but there is also a way to become an IT consultant. SES sales are the job of dispatching engineers to support them. To put it the other way around, SES sales can manage to get a job done with only sales force and knowledge of IT. However, field engineers also need management knowledge. As an IT consultant, if you acquire knowledge such as management in addition to what is necessary for SES sales, you will be able to expand your work options at once.

Many people want to be involved in SES sales as the first step to becoming an IT consultant.


SES sales flow

The actual workflow of SES sales is as follows.

  1. Confirmation of available engineers
  2. Create a biography of a vacant engineer and check information
  3. Matching cases from clients and engineers
  4. Interview about the matter
  5. Contract processing, etc.

First, check the available engineer, look up the engineer’s information, and match the client with the engineer, or nothing will start.

If you match the client with the engineer without grasping the intention of the client at this stage, the interview with the engineer may not proceed as expected. If the match is successful, we will have an interview about the matter, have them rub it together, and have them engage in the work. While the engineer is doing the work, SES sales will process the contract details. At the same time, don’t forget to give careful support to the engineers.


Matching service is recommended for acquiring new customers!

It’s not just about SES sales, but the challenge in doing a BtoB business is how to get new customers. It’s also a problem to spend too much time getting new customers. It takes time to find it on your own. With that in mind, we recommend using the matching service.

The matching service is a service prepared for smooth BtoB business, and it is a mechanism that posts projects, and companies who are interested in them can contact through the message function. The message function is not something that cannot be used without specific conditions, so it is gaining popularity as a service that makes it easy to create connections between companies that were previously difficult to create.

When using the matching service, it is better to register with multiple matching services as much as possible. The more matching services you use, the more companies you will match inevitably. If you are requesting system development, please estimate multiple companies so that you can request it at a low price and with a sense of security, and then compare and consider before deciding where to request.


Efficiently remove the SES sales barrier

IT technology is evolving day by day, and every company is seeing a move to ask for IT technology. It is unlikely that the IT technology that has grown up now will deteriorate, and it is thought that it will continue to grow. Based on that, SES sale is a job with high needs, and it is a merit job because there is a way for engineers who work in the field to become independent IT consultants.

If you are considering introducing SES sales, it is not just a matter of sending engineers to the company. Make sure you have a good understanding of IT technology and sales and treat the engineers who come to the site with the awareness that they are partners. It is also necessary to have the ability to actively follow IT trends and understand the current situation so that knowledge does not become obsolete. Customer acquisition is a major barrier to SES sales. Matching service is known as a service that makes it easy to make connections between companies, which is an opportunity to acquire customers. It is easier to make connections between companies more efficiently than searching by yourself, so please actively use the matching service.

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