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What is the “Foundation Level”?


The “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” certification test is one of the test engineer qualifications certified by the Japan Software Test Qualifications Board (JSTQB), and as the name implies, it is related to automobiles. It is intended for everyone involved in software testing. In this article, we will introduce the basic information, benefits, and learning methods for taking this “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>”.

Foundation Level
Foundation Level

If you are interested in “JST QB certification test engineer qualification”, are involved in automobile-related software testing work, or are considering taking an examination, please refer to it.

Table of contents
  1. What is the “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” certification exam?
  2. What are the benefits of taking the exam?
  3. How difficult is it to pass?
  4. How to learn?
  5. summary

1. What is the “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” certification exam?

JSTQB’s “Automotive Software Tester” certification exam

Foundation Level
Foundation Level

The first “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” certification exam at JSTQB took place on March 22, 2021.

1st Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester> Certification Exam

  • Test implementation: Monday, March 22, 2021
  • Venue: Tokyo, Nagoya

What is the “JST QB Certified Test Engineer Qualification” Foundation Level?

JSTQB (Japan Software Testing Qualifications Board) is an operating organization for software testing engineer qualifications in Japan. Since it is a member organization of ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) that certifies international qualifications related to software testing, the JSTQB certification is valid not only in Japan but also overseas.

There are three levels of this qualification: Foundation Level, Advanced Level, and Expert Level. In addition, there are classifications of “Agile”, “Core”, and “Specialist”.

Looking at the diagram below showing the relationship of qualifications by ISTQB, to obtain the “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” qualification, the “Foundation Level Certified Tester” of the division Core at the bottom of the figure is required. You can see that.

Currently, JSTQB is conducting the following four qualifications (as of March 2022).

  • Foundation Level: “Foundation Level Certified Tester (Category: Core)” above
  • Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>: “Automotive Software Tester (Category: Specialist)” in the above figure
  • Advanced Level Test Manager: “Advanced Level Test Manager (Category: Core)” above
  • Advanced Level Test Analyst: “Advanced Level Test Analyst (Category: Core)” above

Why was it targeted for testing automotive software?

Automotive-related software is becoming more sophisticated year by year due to technological innovations such as IoT, connected cars, and autonomous driving technology, and the number and complexity of models are increasing, the goals are diversifying, and the complexity is increasing. It was also recognized that great pressure on innovation and cost-cutting pressure created special challenges.

The syllabus (learning matters) is open to the public

The syllabus (learning items) is open to the public and is being revised. The syllabus has all the knowledge you need to test software and systems in the automotive software area.

Pay attention to the test conditions

Please note that there are test conditions to take the “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” certification test.

Specifically, those who meet any of the following conditions can take the test.

  • “JST QB Certification Test Engineer Qualification” Must have passed the Foundation Level qualification test
  • Have passed the Foundation Level qualification exam for ISTQB member countries other than Japan

Your certificate will be confirmed when you apply for the exam, so you must meet one of the above conditions. Those who do not have this qualification will be challenged from the Foundation Level first.

2. What are the benefits of taking the exam?

Certified as “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>”

As mentioned above, the “JST QB Certification Test Engineer Qualification” is a qualification that can be used overseas. By obtaining the “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” qualification, you will be certified as an international qualification holder.

Acquire the necessary knowledge as a tester of automobile-related software

It is a great advantage for the examinees to acquire the knowledge to be able to play an active role internationally as a person in charge of testing automobile-related software while learning to qualify.

3. How difficult is it to pass?

What is the pass rate?

The “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” was first tested on March 22, 2021. The capacity of the test venues in Tokyo and Nagoya was 50, and the number of successful applicants was 37 at the Tokyo venue and 26 at the Nagoya venue. If you simply calculate the pass rate, it will be 74% in Tokyo, 52% in Nagoya, and 63% in total.

However, it has been implemented only once until March 2022, and the difficulty level is unknown at this time. It is better to take a look at the syllabus and make your judgment.

4. How to learn?

“What to learn” is summarized in the syllabus

The contents required for the certification exam are summarized in the syllabus (reposted below).

Exam questions are created based on the contents of this syllabus, so it is a good idea to start by downloading and loading the contents.

Learning points and exam preparation

Get information and exercises

The official websites of ISTQB and JSTQB provide various information and exercises for the exam. By getting the latest information on the site, you can get an idea of ​​the test contents in advance.

Check for the latest information on car software testing

After reviewing the syllabus, you need to research and deepen your knowledge about related issues, issues, and information.

Utilize e-learning courses such as “Tess Tomo”

If you are starting from acquiring the Foundation Level, which is the first step, please consider using “Tess Tomo” and the e-learning exam preparation course.

We are also planning to hold a test preparation course for “Foundation Level <Car Software Tester>”, so we will expand the information on the Qbook as soon as the information is available.

5. Summary

This time, we introduced the “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” qualification certification test, which is one of the “JST QB certification test engineer qualifications”.

Software testing is indispensable for guaranteeing the quality of automobile-related software, which will become more sophisticated and complicated in the future due to the evolution of autonomous driving technology. No doubt aiming to acquire this qualification will give you a lot of learning and improve your skills. If you pass, you will also have the benefit of being internationally accredited as a “Foundation Level <Automotive Software Tester>” qualification.

The first one has just been held in Japan, but it will be getting more and more attention in the future. If you are aiming to advance your career as a test engineer of automobile-related software, please consider the challenge.

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