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What is the programming language Ruby? Explain the features and things you can do

programming language ruby
programming language ruby

Ruby is an object-oriented scripting programming language developed in Japan.
Various things such as website creation, shopping site construction, SNS development, etc. can be realized with Ruby.
In this article, I will explain the basic information of Ruby to the points related to system development.

table of contents

  • 1. What is Ruby? Basic information and origin
  • 2. What can you do with Ruby?
  • 3. Differences between Ruby and Python’s areas of expertise
  • 4. Points when choosing a system development company



What is Ruby? Basic information and origin

● Basic information of Ruby

Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language that was opened to the public in 1995. This scripting language is a programming language for creating application software. The creator of Ruby is Yukihiro Matsumoto (commonly known as Matz), and programming language Ruby was created as a new language by blending some of the languages ​​that the creator himself likes (Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, Lisp). I did. In addition, programming language Ruby is the first programming language developed in Japan to be certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which is an international standard.

Since programming language Ruby is free software, it can be used for free and can be duplicated, modified, and redistributed. programming language Ruby code is simple, easy to write, and easy to read, so it is one of the recommended programming languages ​​for inexperienced programmers and inexperienced programmers.


● Origin of Ruby

The origin of the name Ruby is related to the birthstone (jewel). It is said that Matsumoto’s colleague who created Ruby was born in July and was named because the birthstone is “ruby”. In addition, Ruby has a part that refers to Perl, which is also the same programming language, and the meaning of the next programming language of Pearl, which is the birthstone born in June, is also included, and Ruby, the birthstone of July. It is said that it was named.

What you can do with Ruby

The main things that can use Ruby are web services and applications. Ruby is the base language of the popular framework “Ruby on Rails”. Ruby on Rails is a framework for creating web applications, and you can use it to develop various applications. In addition to Ruby on Rails, Ruby can be used with frameworks such as SINATRA, Padrino, and Hanami.


● Application site

Application sites can be developed using Ruby on Rails. With numerous packages and APIs, you can create services while reducing man-hours. As a typical application site made with Ruby, “Cookpad”, is a recipe site famous in Japan. There are famous sites such as “Tabelog”, a gourmet word-of-mouth site for restaurants.


● Shopping site

If you use Ruby, you can also create a full-fledged shopping site. In addition, you can develop various types of sites such as subscription sales and one-off product sales sites such as campaign pages. There is a way to create a shopping site by programming from scratch, but Ruby has a package called “Solidus” that allows you to easily implement a payment function. Therefore, it is possible to develop not only the front part of the shopping site but also the back end part such as the payment function.


● SNS site

With Ruby on Rails, you can create the elements required for SNS sites such as user registration, login, and database. In the past, Twitter also used a Ruby on Rails-based system. (Currently migrated to JavaVM) In addition, the business SNS “Wantedly” and the community site and reservation site “Airbnb” for those who rent accommodations and private lodgings also use the Ruby system.


Differences between Ruby and Python’s areas of expertise

Python is a programming language that has much in common with Ruby. Both are easy to read and write, and what you can do with Ruby can be developed with Python. However, Ruby and Python have different areas of expertise.


● Ruby’s specialty

Ruby specializes in websites that can be built using frameworks, such as shopping sites, blog sites, and application sites.


● Python’s specialty

Python specializes in statistics, analysis, analysis, and other fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Key points when choosing a system development company

Ruby is a popular language, and many system development companies support it. One of the reasons why it is so popular is that it doesn’t matter if you write your style, which is popular with many programmers. However, it is also a point that you have to be careful when outsourcing, and if you take over the system once developed, it may be necessary for reading comprehension, which will lead to extra man-hours. A development company that is good at system development with Ruby understands these characteristics unique to Ruby, so it is possible to proceed with development after unifying the most orthodox description, and a support system is in place for operation and repair after completion. It has been. If you use Ruby when building a website/web system, you can enjoy many merits such as shortening the development man-hours. When choosing a system development company, one of the points is whether or not the proposals that have been considered even after completion are included after thoroughly understanding the characteristics of Ruby mentioned above.

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