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What is the secret of AI chatbot specializing in CS work !

AI chatbot

Karakuri Inc. is a venture company engaged in SaaS and AI businesses. We mainly develop services such as AI chatbots specialized for customer support and research and development of AI algorithms.

Many companies, including Mercari and SBI Securities, have introduced Karakuri’s chatbots.

In this article, we will introduce Karakuri Inc.

Table of Contents

  • About Karakuri Inc.
    • Company overview
    • Vision
    • History
  • Products and services that Karakuri Inc. is most focused on|KARAKURI
    • KARAKURI chatbot
    • KARAKURI smartFAQ
    • KARAKURI talk
    • KARAKURI hello
    • KARAKURI skills
  • Features of Karakuri Inc.|Research and development of AI algorithms and solution development
  • The latest trends of Karakuri Inc.
  • Recruitment information of Karakuri Co., Ltd.
    • Recruitment type
    • Application overview
  • Summary

About Karakuri Inc.

About Karakuri Inc.

  • company overview
  • vision
  • History

I’d like to introduce_______

company overview

company name Karakuri Co., Ltd.
Established October 3, 2016
location CAMEL Kikuchi 2 5F, 2-7-3 Kikuchi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045
Representative Director and President Odashimon
amount of sales 276,368,000 yen
(as of January 2022)
capital 671,404,000 yen


“Friendly Technology ~Society where everyone can enjoy the value of technology~
We, Karakuri Co., Ltd. Enriching the world with our products” is our mission. ”

Karakuri Co., Ltd. develops a business that enriches the world by utilizing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence such as deep learning and machine learning and quantum physics to help people and advance humankind. I’m here.

In addition, by utilizing our own AI technology, we are reviewing conventional methods from a completely new perspective and trying to achieve a 100-fold increase in productivity.


October 2016 Established Karakuri Co., Ltd.
October 2017 Released AI “Karakuri” that can be used in the field of customer support
January 2018 Introduced “Karakuri” on the recruitment entry page of “Hoken Kagami Honpo”
March 2018 Business tie-up with chatbot solution “”
August 2018 Introduced “Karakuri” to respond to inquiries on the Nissen mail order site
August 2018 Relocated head office to Tsukiji
November 2018 “Karakuri” adopted for answering questions on the flea market app “Mercari”
January 2019 Customer support specialized AI chatbot “KARAKURI” acquires a patent in the interface area for registering and learning question/answer patterns
April 2019 Acquired ISO/IEC 27001, an international certification standard for information security
October 2019 Renewal of conventional service algorithm and start of new “KARAKURI chatbot”
April 2020 Karakuri, Revcom, and Caster collaborate on “remote work introduction support service” for call centers
December 2020 “KARAKURI smartFAQ”, which enables centralized management of karakuri, chatbots and FAQs, receives a patent
March 2022 Introduced “KARAKURI chatbot” at Takashimaya

Products and services that Karakuri Inc. is most focused on|KARAKURI

Karakuri Co., Ltd. is developing a series of AISaaS “KARAKURI”. This time, I will introduce the series.

KARAKURI chatbot

KARAKURI chatbot is an AI chatbot specialized in the customer support area. Autoresponders encourage self-solving of customer inquiries. Therefore, even if the number of inquiries increases, we can respond efficiently without reducing the quality of response.

The management screen is simple and easy to understand, and there is thorough support until you understand how to use it, so you can operate it easily with peace of mind.

AI chatbot

The KARAKURI chatbot is equipped with AI, so even if it cannot give an accurate answer, it will learn the correct answer and improve its accuracy. As a result, inquiries can be handled without increasing the number of people, so you can maintain satisfaction and reduce costs.


KARAKURI smartFAQ can automatically generate FAQ pages using the Q&A data registered in the chatbot. This eliminates the need for double management of chatbots and FAQ pages, enabling efficient operation of self-solving content.

A keyword search on a traditional FAQ page will not return hits unless the answer word is included. With smartFAQ, AI can determine and display highly relevant Q&A even when the entered keyword is not included.

KARAKURI smartFAQ automatically generates FAQ pages using the Q&A data registered in the chatbot. You can keep the FAQ page up-to-date by simply maintaining the chatbot for about 10 minutes a day.


KARAKURI talk enables collaboration between chatbots and manned chats for complex questions that cannot be answered by chatbots, and for “customer troubles” where it is better to switch to an operator. By collaborating at the right time, you can respond smoothly without making the customer wait. This provides a satisfying customer experience.

Enables automatic assignment to operators with high proficiency according to the content of the inquiry. This helps reduce the risk of people getting sidetracked or leaving without a solution to their question.


KARAKURI hello is an optional function of the KARAKURI chatbot that can predict “what is the customer’s problem right now” and provide appropriate support automatically in real time. It saves “silent customers” who stop using products and services without making inquiries even if they have doubts about them.

In addition, by linking with the customer management system of the introducing company, it is possible to provide optimized support for each customer, improving the rate of continued use of the service.


KARAKURI skills is an option that allows you to quickly and easily realize system cooperation that allows you to check out-of-stock products on a chatbot. In addition, you can also create a form that allows you to obtain information on the chatbot, such as document requests, seminars, cancellation reasons, etc.

Features of Karakuri Inc.|Research and development of AI algorithms and solution development

We will introduce the research and development of AI algorithms and solution development, which are the characteristics of Karakuri Inc.

Karakuri Co., Ltd. conducts basic and applied research and solution development of machine learning algorithms such as deep learning. There are three main AI fields: natural language recognition, time-series data prediction, and combinatorial optimization. I will introduce each of them.

Natural language recognition AI

Natural language recognition AI is also installed in the “KARAKURI” series of services provided by Karakuri Inc. We are the first in the industry to guarantee a 95% correct answer rate for natural language recognition.

Karakuri Co., Ltd.’s natural language recognition AI has realized a highly accurate conversation experience by using the know-how and data cultivated in research and development and improving it to specialize in AI chatbots.

In addition, Karakuri Inc.’s natural language processing AI can be used in all aspects of language processing, such as text mining, document search engines, and risk monitoring.

Time series data prediction AI

Karakuri Co., Ltd.’s time-series data prediction AI is being researched and developed in cooperation with a team that conducts cutting-edge research on artificial intelligence at the University of Tokyo Graduate School. Time-series data prediction AI supports everything from organizing existing data to designing improvement cycles.

The time-series data prediction AI provided by Karakuri Inc. is used in a wide range of fields, such as marketing support for retailers, the spread of renewable energy such as wind power generation, and the realization of smart factories.

Combinatorial optimization AI

Combinatorial optimization is the process of finding the optimal solution from a huge number of discrete combinations.

For example, it is a technology that can be used in various fields such as searching for efficient delivery routes in logistics, workforce management, and combining highly profitable financial products.

On the other hand, it is said that it is difficult to speed up with conventional algorithms because it requires a huge amount of calculation.

At Karakuri Inc., led by a data scientist who won the World Championship for Quantum Computer Programming, we are researching and developing a quantum computer that can solve combinatorial optimization problems at high speed.

The latest trends of Karakuri Inc.

The KARAKURI chatbot provided by Karakuri Inc. has been introduced to many companies.

In May 2022, it was adopted as “Google for Startups Growth Academy Tech 2022”.
“Google for Startups Growth Academy Tech 2022” is a program that supports the further growth of startups. This is an online program for startups aiming to grow their business using data management and machine learning. Learn about data analysis, machine learning, management and leadership, and put it into practice.

Through this program, you will learn data strategies that are conscious of the flow of monetization, optimize strategies that effectively utilize accumulated knowledge and data, and accelerate your business.

Recruitment information of Karakuri Co., Ltd.

Recruitment type

The positions that Karakuri Co., Ltd. is recruiting for are as follows.

  • Account Executive (Enterprise Sales)
  • Accounting Specialist
  • Open position
  • Part-time Job/Intern

Application overview

Test period

6 months


daily wage system


  • Full social and labor insurance
  • Full payment of transportation expenses
  • Technical staff such as engineers and designers can lend PCs with desired specifications
  • The office chair is “Ergo Human”
  • All occupations Loan of 27-inch display
  • All you can drink
  • There is a book purchase system
  • Seminar/study session participation fee paid by the company
  • Company pays for influenza vaccination
  • Company pays monthly social gathering expenses
  • Equipped with a gym, rest and accommodation facilities 3 minutes from the office


Two days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


This time, we introduced Karakuri Co., Ltd.

Karakuri Co., Ltd. continues to develop services specializing in CS operations. KARAKURI has won the No. 1 satisfaction rating in the “ITrew chatbot category report 2022 Spring”, and we are paying attention to its future growth.

In The Players series, I write articles focused on AI-related companies. By comparing various AI companies, we may be able to see the laws of successful AI-related companies.



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