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What is the topic “Metaverse”?



“Metaverse” is the alphabetical word “metaverse”, which is a coined word that combines the prefixes “meta” and “universe”.  Advances in IT are dramatically changing our lives.

Nowadays, technologies such as IoT and 5G have been developed, and communication is much faster than it was a while ago, and if you notice, familiar things are connected to the Internet.


The development of these technologies will continue and will bring further changes to society in the future.

Under such circumstances, what I would like to pay attention to in 2022 is the concept of “Metaverse”. This keyword has been picked up in various media and has come to be seen frequently, but many people may feel that it is not a familiar concept yet.

In this article, I will explain what the Metaverse is like in the first place in an easy-to-understand manner, what can be achieved, and why it is attracting attention now, and the background.

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What is Metaverse?

Technology that is the premise of Metaverse

Background of the attention of Metaverse
・Communication in VR is diversifying
・Valuable products that cannot be digitally copied by NFT have appeared
・Major companies are entering Metaverse

Use case of Metaverse! What can I do?
・Communicate with avatars
・Purchase products in virtual space
・Participate in events in real-time


What is Metaverse?

“Metaverse” is the alphabetical word “metaverse”, which is a coined word that combines the prefixes “meta” and “universe”. It may be translated as “a concept that creates a world view that transcends reality, or a system of technology that realizes it.”


It originated from being used by a science fiction writer in his book, but now it has a slightly different meaning. The point is that services that can replace real-world actions such as communication in virtual space are comprehensively called Metaverse.

Metaverse is also attracting attention as a new business model, and various IT companies are entering the market in a row. In addition, game companies are also adopting the Metaverse. We are not only playing games in virtual space but also developing and researching technologies so that we can complete various actions in the real world.

Sometimes confused with,” which we often hear these days, it’s a related but different concept.
We hope that you will deepen your understanding by referring to this article.

Technology that is the premise of Metaverse

The Metaverse consists of several techniques.

VR technology

First is the technology of VR (Virtual Reality). It’s not Metaverse = VR, but now it’s used like a real equal. VR technology can create a place that can be the base point of the Metaverse by digitally constructing a space that can imitate or transcend the real world.

To enter the world of VR, you need VR systems and apps, VR-compatible goggles, and other controllers. By the way, there are two types of VR motion capture, 3DoF, and 6DoF, and “6DoF” is advantageous because there are many actions that can be captured to maximize the immersive feeling in the Metaverse.


In addition, since it is a prerequisite to connect each device to the Internet, ” IoT ” is also required. IoT refers to the concept and technical system that enables various things to connect to the Internet. In the future, if the Internet connection function becomes commonplace in things, the things that can be done with Metaverse will expand further.

Communication technology

The evolution of communication technology is also required for more stable communication. For example, to play 6DoF VR smoothly at home, a large space is required in the real world, and data traffic may be punctured on ordinary optical lines. High-quality optical lines or ultra-high-speed, large-capacity communication using 5G will be required. As with IoT, if it becomes widespread in the future, the spread of the Metaverse will become more apparent.

Background to the attention of the Metaverse

The following movements are currently taking place in the Metaverse, creating an opportunity to attract the attention of companies and general consumers.

Communication in VR is diversifying

In 2016, which is called the first year of VR, various VR games appeared and are attracting much attention. However, there is still room for improvement technically, and there are not so many use cases in business. Of course, we couldn’t say that Metaverse was so well known.

However, the Metaverse is evolving with the help of changes in the situation such as the spread of corona around the world in 2020.

In terms of communication

  • It will be easier for multiple people to communicate at the same time.
  • It becomes possible to detect a wide range of facial movements
  • Achieve smooth action in VR

The point is that we are creating factors that activate communication in the Metaverse. The use for business is increasing, and as online meetings are spreading by telework, the number of cases where meetings are held by Metaverse is increasing.

If the above technologies become cheaper and easier to introduce, they will accelerate their spread.

Introducing valuable products that cannot be digitally copied by NFT

The problem with transactions within the Metaverse is fraudulent copying. Digital products can be easily duplicated, and even if you sell the product, it may lose its value.

The solution to this is a technology called ” . NFT is an abbreviation for “non-fungible token”, and the point is that the “blockchain” technology used to ensure security in virtual currency transactions is utilized. By using NFT, it is possible to create “unique data that cannot be duplicated”, and since digital copying becomes difficult, it is possible to secure commercial value and make transactions.

For example, in the “LINE” app, there was a free trading card distribution campaign utilizing NFT. It can be said that it was an attractive campaign for general consumers to get to know NFT. This trading card is difficult to duplicate due to NFT technology, and it is possible to exchange with friends within the terms of use.

By utilizing NFTs to sell products in the Metaverse, safer transactions will be realized.

Large companies are entering the Metaverse

The entry of major companies into the Metaverse is also one of the reasons why the market is booming.

For example, “Facebook (changed the company name to Meta)” acquired “Oculus”, which was developing VR goggles, and acquired the technology, and is developing and providing the technology of Metaverse. Also, in the field of virtual currency, we have announced a currency called ” Libra “, and it is also a point that cooperation with Metaverse is drawing attention to.

In addition, “Epic Games”, which provides “Fortnite” etc., is building a metaverse via Fortnite. One example is reading a famous artist and holding a live event in-game.

If the number of companies whose livelihood is to build something virtually increases in the future, even more, interesting movements may be seen in the metaverse field.

Use case of Metaverse! What can I do?

From here, we will introduce use cases of what you can do with Metaverse.

Communicate with your avatar

In VR space, you can move a model called an “avatar”. It’s like a character that acts on your behalf in VR, and you can select and introduce your favorite models such as anime characters and animals. The appeal of using avatars is that you don’t have to be a character that you can never be in the real world, or even show your true face.

You can also enjoy a wealth of communication by using avatars in Metaverse. In particular,

  • Get closer to your favorite avatar (person)
  • Communicate by chat or voice
  • Express your emotions with quirky acts such as somersaults

Because you can communicate like this, you can have free conversations and exchanges.

Free communication using avatars is useful not only for private use but also for business. There is a service that allows you to communicate with each other by using avatars in VR, which is your workplace, by gesturing and writing with a pen on materials.

Purchase products in virtual space

Communication is not the only thing you can do with the Metaverse. A series of steps to stop by the store to check and purchase the product is also realized within the Metaverse.

In a virtual store with built-in VR,

  • View a virtual product model
  • Touch or try on
  • Perform the procedure to complete the purchase and have it shipped

Such actions are possible. In addition, if the product is digitally received, it can be purchased and used on the spot without the hassle of thinking. For example, glasses that can be used at virtual drinking parties and special items that can be used in the game.

Opening a virtual store costs less than actually renting or constructing a physical store to attract customers, so that may be the focus of corporate attention in the future.

Participate in the event in real-time

As in the real world, it is also an attraction of Metaverse that you can participate in real-time if there is an event. It is difficult to gather in the real world in Korona-ka, but in the virtual world, you can gather as many as you want without worrying about contact. It can be said that the merit of the Metaverse is that it is not easily affected by the situation in the real world. Various events will be held in the Metaverse in 2021 as well.

For example, “Virtual Market” is a remarkable event with many visitors from overseas. You can freely walk around the venue while using your avatar, communicate with other visitors, and purchase products.

The virtual market is attracting attention not only from individuals but also from companies. The point is that major companies such as Audi, Seven-Eleven, and Avex have entered the market to display car models and introduce products.


In this article, we have approached what the Metaverse has been attracting attention to recently, its meaning, and the reasons for its attention.

The Metaverse may dramatically change our lives. Currently, actions such as communication and product purchase can be performed within the Metaverse. However, in the future, it will be possible to further replace the real world, and there is a possibility that the movie-like “situation where all life is done in the Metaverse” will become commonplace.

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