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What is VBA? Basic knowledge and convenient automation for creating macros in Excel


VBA is a programming language that can be used in applications provided by Microsoft.
Since it is often used in Excel and Word files, many people may have mentioned it in the form of “macro”.
VBA comes with MS Office and can be used in a local environment, so it is also recommended as the first programming language.
This time, we will introduce VBA in an easy-to-understand manner, such as basic knowledge of VBA, differences from macros, and the merits of learning.


table of contents

  • 1. Basic knowledge of VBA
  • 2. Differences between VBA and macros
  • 3. Image of VBA and benefits of learning
  • 4. Main functions that can be done with VBA
  • 5. To get used to VBA, create VBA

Basic knowledge of VBA

VBA stands for “Visual Basic for Applications” and is a programming language provided by Microsoft as an extension of MS Office. As a programming language, it is a full-fledged programming language that has the same functions as Visual Basic.

Since VBA is often used for business in Excel, there is an image that VBA is a function of Excel, but since it is installed as standard in MS Office, it is also installed in Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc. It is implemented. With VBA, you can extend the capabilities of MS Office to get the job done more efficiently. With a Microsoft license, it can also be used with the Windows version of AutoCAD and MicroStation V8.

VBA is a language for local environments that are supposed to work with files you create. Therefore, it is not necessary to install the development environment, but since it is an extension of MS Office, it cannot operate independently.


Differences between VBA and macros

VBA and macros are sometimes misunderstood as the same thing, but they are different. To get it right, here are the differences between the two.


● What is a macro?

Macro is a general term for “technology that automates computer processing” and is not a Microsoft term. However, it is now known as the name of a feature for automating processing on MS Office.
In MS Office, the development tab displayed on the ribbon (not displayed by default) has “Macro”, which contains macro functions and VBA commands. That’s why macros and VBA are often confused.


● Use VBA and macro properly

VBA is a programming language for creating macros. When a user creates a macro in Excel, it is converted and saved internally in Excel to the programming language VBA. In short, VBA is a programming language for creating macros.
However, VBA and macros are not the same. Macros are just a function for recording and executing steps. VBA is a programming language for storing macros and telling them exactly to your application. The processing performed by the macro is saved in VBA, but the macro not only records and edits the processing but also includes the functions to execute it and perform security checks.


● Interpretation of VBA that is easy to make mistakes

<VBA and VB>

“VB (Visual Basic)” is a programming language that is the basis of VBA, and VBA is a version of VB for Microsoft applications. VB can operate independently, but it is expensive because it requires environmental settings.
On the other hand, VBA has some limitations compared to VB, but you can use it immediately if you have MS Office. Therefore, VBA is recommended over VB for beginners.

<VBA and VBE>

To handwrite or edit the code with VBA, use “VBE (Visual Basic Editor)”. VBE is an application for handwriting code to create and edit macros, which can be operated from the development tab in MS Office.
However, handwriting code in VBE is not the only programming in VBA. You can also program VBA by creating and saving macros.


Image of VBA and benefits of learning

For beginners, understanding VBA can be a bit difficult. First, let’s deepen our understanding while imagining the rough functions of VBA.


● Image of VBA

VBA is an image of registering fixed phrases and words in the Japanese conversion system. By registering repetitive processes and frequently used tasks with simple names, you can call them up and use them at any time.
For Excel VBA, record the operations performed on Excel. For example, you can get the job done efficiently by remembering the operations you use each month, such as reimbursing monthly expenses and processing monthly reports that summarize data.


● Advantages of learning VBA

By automating repetitive tasks with VBA, you can streamline your tasks and tasks. Work that must be done daily, weekly, or monthly, or processing with complicated procedures, is suitable for automation with VBA.

You can also customize MS Office by recording its actions and using it as your application. You can link it with Word and Access as well as Excel, and create an input form to prevent data entry mistakes. Even files that perform complicated processing can reduce manual human error and can be changed to a tool that is easy for you to operate.


Main functions that can be done with VBA

VBA has many features and uses. Here, we will introduce the main functions of VBA, focusing on processing for business use.


● Calculate, sort, and format Excel data

A typical function of VBA is the process of aggregating and analyzing a huge amount of data in Excel. You can automatically create forms using Excel functions such as simple four arithmetic operations, sorting, searching, and aggregation or you can import and process data from other Excel files.


● Creating a standard file

1You can create forms and reports by importing not only Excel but also files created with Word and PowerPoint, PDF and CSV format files, etc. There is no need to post the data, and you can import it as it is, eliminating mistakes.


● Log analysis using server logs

You can read the server log file (text file) with VBA and analyze it with Excel. Using Microsoft’s log analysis support tool “Microsoft Log Parser”, you can output the results as a CSV file and create a report with VBA.


● Site crawling

VBA can also be used with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge in the same MS Office. You can crawl your site by accessing the website with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge and downloading the data. It is also possible to analyze the downloaded data with VBA.


● Creating a user interface

You can create dialog boxes (user forms) for Excel and Access with VBA. In the dialog box to be created, not only cells for entering data but also controls such as list boxes, combo boxes, and checkboxes can be installed to create customized and easy-to-use tools. By automatically entering data in the database, data entry becomes easier and efficiency is improved.


● Cooperation between MS Office applications

Applications that can use the VBA of MS Office can be linked to exchange and process data. For example, you can read data from Access and create an Excel graph, insert Excel cell data into a Word document and operate a sheet from Word, or play a PowerPoint slide show on Excel.


To get used to VBA, create VBA

No special development environment is required to use VBA.
Since it is based on MS Office, you can start using it immediately with just the MS Office you normally use for business.
There are many web pages and related books that explain it, so it can be said that it is a programming language that is easy for beginners to learn.
However, macros and VBA created by others may contain malicious programs such as viruses.
That’s why you get a warning when you try to open a file that contains macros.
When learning VBA, take measures to prevent virus contamination by using security settings and antivirus software.


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