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What kind of application development project do you have? Difference between iOS and Android

Development Project
iOS and Android

Since the spread of smartphones, apps have been created for all services. Along with that, some companies may want to develop and provide new apps.
So, this time, for those who are considering application development, I will explain what kind of projects there are and what the price is. In this article, we will introduce “contents of application development projects”, “points to be aware of in application development projects”, and “app development price quotes” based on the differences between iOS and Android.

table of contents

  • 1. Application development project
  • 2. It depends on the OS! Points to note in application development projects
  • 3. Market cost of application development
  • 4. Tips for successful application development
  •  project request
  • 5. Matching service is also recommended for application development                     App development project

Native apps are apps that are downloaded, installed, and used, which are the mainstream on smartphones such as iPhone and Android. There are iOS and Android OSs for application development, and first of all, it is necessary to decide whether to use either OS or to support both OSs. Most modern apps are compatible with both operating systems. To create these apps, programming and coding are required, and you need to prepare a development environment suitable for the apps you are creating.

Specific examples include the OS used, memory capacity, Internet environment that can be connected by wire, and development tools specialized for application development. Anyone, regardless of whether they are a corporation or an individual, can develop apps if they have such an environment and have knowledge of programming. In addition to native apps, there are web apps that run on web browsers and hybrid apps that combine the characteristics of web apps and native apps.

It depends on the OS! Points to note in application development projects

The following points should be noted when developing an application. The following items will differ depending on the OS of the application you are developing.

  • Programming language
  • Development tools
  • Design guidelines

● Required skills

Of course, skill related to system development is required because application development is just one of system development. Also, the most important point to note is that the skills required differ depending on the OS. In particular, the programming language used may be different, so if you outsource development, make sure you know if you are a development company that uses the language that is suitable for the development of the app you want to make and if you have the skills. is needed.

● Programming language

App development deals with programming languages. As mentioned above, iOS and Android use different languages ​​for development. For Android apps, “Java” and “Kotlin” are often used, and for iOS apps, “Swift” is often used. “Swift” is a programming language announced by Apple Inc. in 2014 and open-sourced in 2015. Also, the appropriate programming language will change depending on the content of the app. Java and C are recommended for business applications created to improve business efficiency.

On the other hand, if it is a BtoC application and is provided to general consumers, “HTML”, “CSS”, “JavaScript”, “Ruby”, etc. are also used. There are unexpectedly many types of programming languages ​​that can be used for application development, and the programming languages ​​that are appropriate for each purpose will change.


● Development tools

One of the things to keep in mind due to the difference in OS is the development tool. Nowadays, application development has become commonplace, and many tools for developing applications have been developed. Now, with such a development tool, anyone can create a simple app without any knowledge. Many of these development tools are free to use.

For example, development tools such as “XCode” and “Android Studio”. These development tools are not suitable depending on which OS you develop on, so please know the characteristics of each and use the one that suits the application you are developing. In iOS, “XCode” is mainly used. In Android, “Android Studio” is mainly used as a standard development tool, but it is used properly depending on the programming language used, such as “Unity”, “Xamarin”, and “React Native”.


● Design guidelines

Design guidelines are also required for app development. Design guidelines refer to design rules such as colors, letters, and layout. If you set this, it is possible to create an app with a unified design no matter who works. Also, if you create a template, you can cut the production cost and it is difficult for design mistakes to occur, so it is easy to proceed with the production of the application at a low cost. Companies with platforms such as Apple and Google publish design guidelines for free.

The market cost of application development

The cost of developing an app varies greatly depending on the type of app and what features it has. However, since the development cost can be calculated by “work unit x work time + fixed cost”, it is possible to estimate the rough estimate. By the way, the work unit refers to the compensation of engineers and programmers in the part corresponding to the labor cost, the work time refers to the time taken to complete the entire system development process, and the fixed cost refers to the maintenance cost of the domain, server, and equipment. increase.

Based on those, the rough market price of application development is as follows.

  • The average cost of application development: 2.5 million yen ~
  • iOS application development cost: 500,000-1.5 million yen
  • Android application development cost: 500,000-1.5 million yen

Looking at the entire application development, it is not uncommon for it to cost more than 2.5 million yen. However, most iOS and Android apps cost less than 1.5 million yen. Therefore, these apps can be developed at a lower development cost than other apps. Smartphones are so popular that it is rare for people who do not have them to have more than the penetration rate of PCs. Therefore, many users use iOS and Android apps, and they can be created at a low cost, so they are excellent in cost performance.

However, it is no exaggeration to say that the cost of application development varies greatly depending on the labor costs of engineers and others. When developing an app, the key is how to reduce labor costs. Also, the more complex your app, the longer the production period. The longer the production period, the higher the overall cost and the easier it is. With that in mind, it is important to improve the environment so that you can develop apps efficiently.


Tips for successful application development project requests

When requesting application development outsourcing, you can reduce the possibility of failure by keeping the following points in mind.

  • Know the market price in advance
  • Establish requirements and communicate closely
  • Check development results
  • Use matching service


● Know the market price in advance

Earlier, I explained how to calculate the market price for application development, but there is a difference between knowing the price market and not knowing the price. If you know the market price, you can feel uncomfortable in the unlikely event that a development company offers you a high-priced quote.

For example, online shopping e-commerce apps often have high development costs, but they still usually cost up to 10 million yen. It’s a good idea not only to get an estimate of the price of the app you request but also to check the market price of the app price in the same field in advance.

Development Project


● Establish requirements and communicate closely

When requesting application development, it is not good to leave everything to the company. At a minimum, you need to define your requirements for what kind of content you want to create. Clarify what you want your app to be, as well as what you need to develop it. After solidifying it, it is important to communicate firmly with the client. If you can’t share the completed form and progress of the app, it may be different from what you thought about later. To prevent this from happening, check your reputation and ask a company that communicates closely. Of course, don’t forget to communicate closely with us.


About requirement definition

When defining requirements in application development, it is advisable to keep the following three points in mind when defining requirements.

  • App features
  • External system cooperation
  • Screen movement

Deciding what features to add to your app is of utmost importance. Awareness of how to add a profitable function that can be expected to attract customers if it is an application provided to consumers, and how to add a function that can streamline operations if it is an application provided to companies. please try. It is also necessary to consider whether to link with an external system such as a point system. If you want to link, you have to have a meeting between the application development company and the external system development company. Since some systems are not easy to link with each other, it is necessary to clarify the elements necessary for linking in advance. At the stage of development, it can be a troublesome situation that it turns out that cooperation is not possible after all. Let’s work on external system cooperation as soon as possible.

Also, the app is not complete with just one screen operation. Most of the time, you can switch to multiple screens. Therefore, it is better to clarify what kind of screen is required. If the number of screens is large, it will be difficult for you to see important information, and if the number of screens is small, the app will be boring and lack operability. Please be aware of this and identify the necessary screen patterns.


● Check development results

When requesting app development, be sure to select a company that has a track record of app development. Even though it is a system development company, the fields in which it has strengths differ from company to company. If possible, it is better to ask a company that has a track record in application development to be involved in application development and its surrounding support from a professional perspective. Application development is one of the big genres of system development. It’s a good idea to choose a development company that specializes in app development. Before actually requesting a quote, check the fee structure on the website. It will be easier to narrow down the companies to get a quote.


● Use matching service

To get a quote from an application development company, it takes a considerable amount of time to find out the request destination, check the results, actually contact, and get a quote. Furthermore, if many companies do this, it will take time and effort. The matching service is a recommended service to shorten this time and efficiently perform a series of flows. Membership registration is often free of charge, but there are also matching services that employ a mechanism that makes it easier to contact by charging. With that in mind, when choosing a matching service, check the fee structure and the fields you are dealing with, and use the service that suits your request. If possible, it is recommended to use a matching service that specializes in a specific field because you can receive more specialized and high-quality services.


Matching service is also recommended for application development

There are many types of app development, and the mainstream apps that are downloaded, installed, and used on smartphones such as iPhone and Android are called native apps. In many cases, you will ask a development company that undertakes application development to develop the application. However, even if you ask, if you leave it to the application development company, there is a risk that you will end up with something that you do not want, or you will be charged a price higher than the market price. To avoid this, you can reduce the risk of failure by understanding the price quotes and getting a quote from a proven company.

Also, when requesting application development, it is important to take multiple quotations and compare them, centered on the system development company that specializes in it. The following pages list system development companies that specialize in application development, so if you are a person in charge of a company considering application development, please refer to this.

When requesting an application development company, it will be easier to find a company that meets the conditions by using a matching service such as order navigation. Please use a matching service that specializes in the field of the application you want to request.

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