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What kind of lighting is a ceiling light? Explains how to choose the one that suits your room

Do you use ceiling lights in your home? In a word, there are various types of ceiling lights, such as shapes and colors, dimming and timer functions, and types that can be linked with smart devices. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the types of ceiling lights and the latest ceiling lights. We will also explain how to choose a ceiling light that suits your home.

What is a ceiling light?

This section describes the features and benefits of ceiling lights and the types of lighting that are mainly used in ceiling lights.


Ceiling lights are lighting fixtures that are installed directly on the ceiling, unlike hanging lights. Since the entire room can be brightened by evenly illuminating a wide area from the ceiling, which is the highest position in the room, it can be installed mainly as the main lighting of the room. Another advantage of ceiling lights is that they do not take up space because the lights are installed directly on the ceiling, and have the effect of making the room look neat. To install the ceiling light, use the “hook ceiling” outlet that is pre-installed on the ceiling of the house. If you want to install a ceiling light in a room that does not have a hooked ceiling, wiring work by a professional contractor is required.

Mainstream LED lights

Most of the ceiling lights used to be fluorescent lights, but nowadays, LED lights are mainly used. For example, if you look at the latest lineup of household ceiling lights from major manufacturers, they are all LED types. In addition to low power consumption and low electricity bills, LED lights last 3 to 6 times longer than fluorescent lights. Comparing the life of the lamp part with a general lighting fixture, the life of a fluorescent lamp is about 6,000 to 12,000 hours, while that of an LED light is about 40,000 hours. If you turn on the LED light for about 10 hours a day, you can use it for 8 to 10 years. The disadvantage is that, unlike fluorescent lighting, the LED ceiling light is an integrated body and LED light, so you cannot replace the light alone when the LED light has reached the end of its useful life. It is necessary to replace the entire body.

What is the lighting other than ceiling lights?

In some cases, ceiling lights are used in combination with the following lights.

  • Pendant light A type of lighting that is hung from the ceiling with a chain or cord. It is mainly installed on a table, taking advantage of the fact that it illuminates a narrow area strongly and the light and darkness are clear, making it suitable for partial space production.
  • Downlight A small type of lighting that is embedded directly in the ceiling or installed flat on the ceiling. Since the direction of the light can be changed, it can be used like a spotlight. The downlight alone is not bright enough, so it is not suitable for the main lighting.
  • Spotlight A lighting fixture that partially illuminates, and can be installed on the ceiling or in a clip type wherever you like. The number of household spotlights that illuminate desks and beds is increasing.

4 points when choosing a ceiling light that suits your home


How to choose to light is also important to make your home an ideal space. What kind of ceiling light would suit your room? Here, we will explain “room size,” “light color,” “design,” and “function” as the main criteria for choosing a ceiling light.

① Choose by room size

It is important to select a ceiling light with the appropriate brightness according to the size and purpose of the room in which the ceiling light is used and the age of the user. The overall brightness of LED lighting fixtures is called the rated luminous flux (total luminous flux of the fixture), and both are expressed in the unit of “lm (lumen)”. (One company) According to the regulations of the Japan Lighting Industry Association, the standard of brightness required depending on the size of the room is as follows. Up to 4.5 tatami mats: 2,200 to 3,199lm Up to 6 tatami mats: 2,700 to 3,699lm Up to 8 tatami mats: 3,300 to 4,299lm Up to 10 tatami mats: 3,900 to 4,899lm Up to 12 tatami mats: 4,500 to 5,499lm Up to 14 tatami mats: 5,100 to 6,099lm For those who often write or read sentences for study or work, we recommend a ceiling light that is one step brighter than the standard number of tatami mats. Bright lighting is also recommended for the living space of elderly people. Please see the following page for ceiling lights handled by + Style.
[+ Style ORIGINAL] + Style LED Ceiling Light (2-year warranty for peace of mind) [6 tatami mats, 8-10 tatami mats]
Entertainment light “multi-function light MFL-2000S” equipped with various IoT functions, equipped with
aptX LL compatible Bluetooth speaker, Operable with a smartphone or remote control “Sony Multifunction Light MFL-2100S”

② White? Warm colors? Choose your favorite color

There are three types of lights, “bulb color”, “daylight white”, and “daylight color”, and the impression of the room changes depending on the color tone of the light.

  • Light bulb color It is recommended for lighting rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms where you want to spend a relaxing time because you can relax in warm orange tones. The color of the light bulb is said to make the food look delicious, and it is also suitable for lighting in the dining room.
  • The neutral white whitish color tone is close to natural light, so it is suitable for rooms where you wash your clothes, make up your hair, and make up before going out, or where you choose clothes. It also has the effect of making the space look clean, so it is a color tone that matches the entrance and bathroom.
  • Daylight bluish cool tones. It is suitable for lighting a room for work, study, sewing, etc. because it can be expected to have the effect of making it easier to concentrate on detailed work.

③ Round shape? Thin? Choose by design

LED ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes and designs. The most common design is the disc type. In addition, there is the thin type that has the effect of making the room look neat, and square type that makes the room look stylish. There are various materials for ceiling lights. For Japanese-style room lighting, you can create a Japanese-style calm atmosphere by choosing a light with a warm design that uses natural materials such as wood and Japanese paper. For a Western-style room with a modern atmosphere, a light with a functional and stylish design is perfect.

④ Select by function

Some ceiling lights not only illuminate the room brightly, but also have various convenient functions such as dimming/coloring function, timer function, and IoT support. Here’s what you can do with each feature.

1 Dimming / coloring function

Dimming is adjusting the brightness of light, and toning is adjusting the hue of light. There is also an LED ceiling light equipped with a function that allows you to adjust the brightness and color in stages. For example, by adjusting the brightness and color of the lighting between day and night, it is possible to create an atmosphere that suits each time zone. It’s a good idea to change the brightness and color when you want to concentrate and work and when you want to relax. In addition, some products have a function that detects the brightness of the room with a sensor and automatically controls dimming and toning.

2 Timer function

With the LED ceiling light with a timer function, you can turn the light on and off at a preset time. For example, you can make settings according to your lifestyle, such as gradually brightening the room according to the wake-up time and automatically turning it off according to bedtime. LED ceiling lights with a timer function may be useful for creating a regular and healthy lifestyle.

3 IoT compatible

IoT (Internet of Things) is a function that allows you to remotely control machines and equipment using the Internet and dedicated apps. If you install a ceiling light that supports IoT, you can operate the ceiling light with the smartphone’s dedicated app even when you are away from home. If the model can be connected to a smart speaker such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, it is also possible to turn on / off the ceiling light and adjust the dimming/coloring by voice. By linking ceiling lights with other IoT-compatible home appliances, your life will become even more convenient.

How to install the ceiling light

If the room has a ceiling or rosette that hangs on the ceiling of the room where you want to install the ceiling light, you can install the light yourself. However, if there is no hook sealing, wiring work by a specialist is required. You can easily install the ceiling light by following the steps below.

  1. Attach the adapter (spacer) that comes with the hook ceiling or rosette (not required for embedded rosettes)
  2. Align the ceiling light body with the adapter and push it up
  3. Insert the connector from the adapter into the terminal of the ceiling light body.
  4. Attach the cover and complete. For details, see the article “Installing the ceiling light” .

Convenient with loT compatible type! Recommended ceiling light

If you are thinking of purchasing a ceiling light, why not consider the latest ceiling light that supports loT. Here are 4 recommended products.

Smart LED bulb (dimming) / E26

It is a smart LED bulb that can be easily operated from a smartphone or smart speaker in a Wi-Fi environment and does not require construction or a Wi-Fi cooperation hub just by attaching it to a socket. In addition to being able to adjust the brightness steplessly for each life scene, you can also set the brightness to be switched every hour. From morning to daytime, the bright light of 810lm (equivalent to 60W) can clearly illuminate your feet, and at night it can be dimmed to a faint brightness that is not too dazzling. If you use the smartphone app “+ Style App” (App Store / Google Play), you can make detailed settings such as turning on / off the lights, timer and dimming even when you are away from home. By remote control, it can also be used for crime prevention measures while you are away.

+ Style LED Ceiling Light

All you need is a Wi-Fi environment and a smartphone, and you can start using it immediately. A “hub” is generally required to link the ceiling light with Wi-Fi, but this product does not. It can be used simply by attaching a ceiling light to the wiring equipment. The remote control is possible easily from the smartphone’s dedicated app “+ Style App” (App Store / Google Play) even from a remote location in the house or on the go. Even if you are away for a long period of time, such as while traveling, you can turn it on and off freely to prevent crime. It is also compatible with smart speakers and can be operated by voice.

Multi-function light MFL-2000S

It is a multifunctional set model (unit + light) that is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker compatible with aptX LL and can be operated from a smartphone or smart speaker via a wireless LAN connection. Since the music and TV sound of the streaming music app are assisted from the ceiling, you can have a realistic viewing experience. Simultaneous playback is possible without delay of TV sound. You can operate the ceiling light, TV, and air conditioner from the dedicated app via the multifunction light (*). In addition, voice operation from smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Home is also possible. It can be used for 24-hour brightness, temperature, and humidity monitoring, and when it detects the movement of a person, it can threaten sound and light and notify you by e-mail, so it can be used for watching over while you are away and for alerting intruders. * Some models are not compatible.

popIn Aladdin 2 Ceiling light with projector/speaker

An epoch-making 3in1 ceiling light equipped with a “high-performance projector” and a “high-quality speaker”. The product name of “PopIn Aladdin” is named after “Experience of magical living”. It is cordless, takes up less space, and is easy to install. You can watch popular video services (YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, AbemaTV, U-NEXT, Paravi, etc.), and you can easily search for videos by voice input. You can also watch terrestrial TV and recorded programs by setting and wiring to connect to the TV. You can also use “Spotify” and “radio”.


Ceiling lights not only illuminate a wide range, but many types are equipped with convenient functions such as dimming/coloring functions, timer functions, and IoT-compatible functions. If you are considering purchasing or replacing a ceiling light, check in advance the purpose of the room where the ceiling light will be installed, the required brightness, the functions you want to use, etc., and then select the one that suits your room and lifestyle. Please find it.



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