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Which one to choose ?? 4 smartwatches with unique features

A smart watch with an increasing number of users. Smartphone notification confirmation / health management / music playback etc. It is a device full of useful functions.

However, even if you call it a smartwatch, each product has different strengths. You’re wondering which one to buy. Therefore, this time, we have selected 4 unique products from the smart watches handled by + Style.

Those who want to buy a new smartwatch or want to try it. Please check the article.

▼ Fitness function is convenient!

First, let’s introduce “MATE2” equipped with HIIT training and multi-sport functions.

HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) is a training method in which hard training and breaks are repeated many times in a short period of time, such as 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by a 10-second break. In “MATE2”, by setting the training time, the timing of the interval will be notified by vibration.

By using the multi-sport function that supports walking / running / cycling, you can record detailed data such as calories burned, speed, and running course. “MATE2”, which also has a heart rate recording function and a waterproof function, will definitely come in handy for sports lovers.

▼ Increased exercise efficiency

The “Withings Steel HR Sport,” which I will introduce next, is also a smart watch that I would like to recommend to those who like sports.

The point of interest is the ability to measure the index “VO2 max”, which indicates how much oxygen is being sent to the muscles during exercise. The more oxygen you can send, the more efficient your training is. By quantifying your daily achievements, you will be able to exercise efficiently.

Of course, it also has basic functions such as step count / calories burned / heart rate / sleep data measurement. These data are saved in the dedicated application “Health Mate”, and you can also receive advice on your health condition. Regardless of the sports / office scene, the sophisticated design is also attractive.

▼ Great success as a fashion item ♪

“MARC JACOBS RILEY TOUCHSCREE” is recommended for those who place importance on design.

This product sold by Marc Jacobs, a fashion brand from New York. The biggest feature is that you can freely change the design of the dial called “watch face”. There are many “watch faces” available, from digital to retro to playful designs inspired by emoji. It’s nice to be able to change the design to suit the mood and coordination of the day.

Please pay attention not only to the elegant looks but also to the functional aspects. Equipped with incoming / incoming notifications and fitness management functions for smartphones. It also supports the operation of music players, and if you use the Google Play Music app and Wi-Fi, you can stream music without a smartphone.

“MARC JACOBS RILEY TOUCHS CREE” that is both fashionable and practical. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in fashion.”

▼ No need to charge! Body temperature smartwatch

When using a smartwatch, the battery is dead. Many of you may have felt that “charging is troublesome …”.

Then, please use “Matrix PowerWatch X”. This is a smart watch equipped with thermoelectric power generation technology and driven by the user’s body temperature. Therefore, there is no need to charge or replace the battery. It also has a power storage function, so it keeps moving even if you remove it from your arm.

It also features excellent durability, such as waterproof performance that can withstand water pressure at a depth of 200 m. If you want a sturdy smartwatch, this is a device that will definitely come in handy.

Did you find your favorite smartwatch? Each product page details pricing and other features. please check it!



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