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Why did Mynet choose Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud

At the game developer conference “ CEDEC 2019” held in Pacifico Yokohama for 3 days from September 4 to 6, 2019, SB Cloud will be one of the sessions on the 5th, Hiroki Horikoshi of Mynet Co., Ltd. We invited Mr. Seiken Sato of Beyond Co., Ltd. as a guest and held “Game platform built with Alibaba Cloud-Interview: Why did Mynet choose Alibaba Cloud?”.

table of contents

  • The design concept is “never fall” Alibaba Cloud as a game infrastructure
  • System requirements and case studies required for games
  • Why did Mynet choose Alibaba Cloud?

The design concept is “never fall” Alibaba Cloud as a game infrastructure

The session started with a brief introduction of Alibaba Cloud by Takumi Matsui of the SB Cloud Business Promotion Division.

SB Cloud Co., Ltd. Business Promotion Section Takumi Matsui

“Alibaba is a conglomerate company centered on EC and boasts the top share in China for these six representative services: BtoB, CtoC, BtoC EC platform, QR code payment, SNS, video site. Alibaba Cloud is MAU7. It is an infrastructure that supports services closely related to the lives of more than 100 million Chinese people, and the design concept is “never fall” and “data utilization”. “

Furthermore, he emphasized that the market share is 3rd in the world and 1st in APAC, not only in China, and the annual growth rate is by far the highest at 92.6%, making it one of the world’s leading public clouds.

“Alibaba Cloud as a game infrastructure has three characteristics: availability and security to prevent it from falling, a full product lineup that covers IoT and AI, and overwhelming cost performance. Especially in the recent game industry in terms of cost. , Increasing numbers of companies are migrating cloud services from existing ones with an awareness of cost. “

System requirements and case studies required for games

Next, SB Cloud Solutions Architect Shigeto Arima, who took the stage, explained the system requirements and case studies required for games.

SB Cloud Co., Ltd. Solution Architect Shigeto Arima

“There are six possible system requirements for a game: availability, scalability, performance, visualization analysis, security, and monitoring.”

When building a game platform with these six in mind, it is necessary to check what kind of products the cloud has, and then one of Alibaba Cloud’s product lineup is required for game construction. I introduced the club.

 -Anti-DDoS Premium
 A service originally developed by Alibaba, which receives more than 1,000 DDoS attacks a day to protect its services.

-Supports Server Load Balancer (SLB)
 Layer 4 and Layer 7. It supports TCP, UDP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols, and Internet type and Intranet type are available.

-Elastic Compute Service (ECS)
 virtual computing. Block storage, snapshots, security groups, ENI, and EIP can be used.

After showing multiple examples of actual game infrastructure construction using these products, “I would like visitors today to bring back the fact that they can build game infrastructure using Alibaba Cloud.” I summarized it as.

Why did Mynet choose Alibaba Cloud?

At the end of the session, Mr. Hiroki Horikoshi, General Manager of Mynet Engineering, who builds and operates Alibaba Cloud as an infrastructure for game titles, and Mr. Seiken Sato, General Manager of Beyond System Solutions Department, who is in charge of operational support for Mynet. Spoke on stage and had a Q & A-style dialogue with the two members of SB Cloud.

Mr. Hiroki Horikoshi, General Manager, Engineering Section, Mynet Co., Ltd. (Left) Mr. Seiken Sato, General Manager, System Solution Department, Beyond Co., Ltd. (Right)

In the beginning, Mr. Horikoshi explained the concept of Mynet’s business model and infrastructure management.

“Mynet is not developing games in-house, but taking over from other companies and operating them. Therefore, the infrastructure has a different environment and design concepts for each of the 37 titles currently operated, and they are parallel. There are difficulties in operating it. “

“Therefore, with the cooperation of Mr. Beyond, we are looking for optimization of each game infrastructure after analyzing the existing infrastructure and eliminating the black box. Relocation between clouds is part of that. However, the cost due to optimization Even if it goes down, it is meaningless if the service quality goes down, so the big point is whether or not it can be optimized while maintaining the quality. “

Mr. Horikoshi explained the reason why he chose Alibaba Cloud, “A lot of emerging cloud services have been expanding into Japan since last year. I have checked many emerging clouds, but Alibaba Cloud has a lot of products. I have the impression that it is overwhelmingly more than others, “said Alibaba Cloud’s product lineup.

In addition, “Since relocation between clouds is a difficult task, even if the products are substantial, the implementation merit is small if the cost is the same, but Alibaba Cloud is also attacking the cost side, and the infrastructure cost before and after the relocation is compared. Then, in some cases, it was possible to reduce the price from half to 70%. If the cost can be reduced, the period during which the content can be operated soundly will be longer. ” did.

The next question is the hurdles for the introduction. “It was hard to persuade the company (laughs). Why do we need to change the cloud? Is it okay? Isn’t the data pulled out in the cloud in China?” It seems that there were some doubts.

On the other hand, Mr. Horikoshi said, “First of all, I had to use Alibaba Cloud and realize that this is okay. In addition, if the quality is not good in the first place, I should not be able to get this much global share, so Alibaba Cloud’s We decided that there was no problem with the quality. The support was very quick, and the politeness was a relief. “

Also, regarding the concerns about data management, “I heard at the Alibaba Cloud seminar that” it complies with Japanese law. “This point is not about what to do because it is China, but it is outside as long as it is operated in the cloud. It’s the same as depositing data in the cloud. I explained to the company that if I get stuck there, I might lose sight of the essence, “he introduced a method of persuading the company.

Mr. Sato of Beyond answered about the difficulty of introduction. “We also had the first experience with Alibaba Cloud. Data migration is the most difficult part, but the Data Transmission Service (DTS) released last year was a big factor, and we were able to proceed without any particular difficulty. As Mr. Horikoshi said, the speed of support was great, and he said, “Is this okay? “He immediately responded,” I’ll fix it, it’s okay, “and that helped me.”

In response to the last question, “What do you expect from Alibaba Cloud in the future?”, Mr. Sato said, “Looking at the product lineup in my home country, there are various services I would like to use, so I would like you to introduce them in Japan as well. Also, even if I try to find out about it online, the only thing that has not been released in Japan is the explanation in Chinese, so I’d be happy if there was an explanation in English. “

Mr. Horikoshi also said, “Like Mr. Sato, I have high expectations for the expansion of products in my home country to Japan. The rest is high stability. In the future, Big3 (in the cloud industry) will become Big4 including Alibaba Cloud. I think there are plenty of potential. Even when that happens, I hope that you will continue to take on challenges and continue to release innovative products, “said expectations for Alibaba Cloud, and the session ended. did.

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