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You can buy a 5G smartphone with Sun Cupper !? I tried SIM-free “TCL 10 5G” that can be used by any carrier

I’d like to use the much-talked-about “5G smartphone”, but the high-end model may be too expensive to buy.

If you think so, please check out the ” TCL 10 5G “, which was launched in November 2020 with + Style.

It seems that it can be classified as a so-called middle range smartphone, but as a 5G compatible smartphone, it is SIM-free, and although it is the cheapest class regardless of carrier terminal (it is a considerably low price among middle range smartphones), it is in the 70,000 yen range. One of the outstanding cost performance equipped with the SoC “Snapdragon 765G” that is also used in smartphones. Not only that, it is the most recommended middle-range smartphone now, with plenty of charm other than 5G, including camera functions.

In this article, we will introduce not only the impression of actually using this middle-range smartphone “TCL 10 5G”, but also the 5G communication which is the biggest feature of this smartphone, including the photo data actually taken with the camera. Masu ♪

Check basic specifications

Let’s start with the basic specifications of this smartphone. The OS is equipped with Android 10. CPU / memory (RAM) / storage (ROM) are Snapdragon 7 series / 6GB / 128GB respectively, and it has sufficient performance as a so-called middle range smartphone in the low to medium price range. Not only web browsing but also high-quality video viewing is crisp and comfortable. I actually watched YouTube in high quality (1080p), but I enjoyed the video smoothly without slowing down the operation or freezing the screen.

One of the attractions of the middle range model is the good image quality. In addition to adopting a 6.53-inch display that boasts a high resolution of FHD + (1080 x 2340), the ratio of the screen to the body (screen to housing ratio) is as high as 91%! It can be said that it is perfect for those who want to use the screen of their smartphone extensively and enjoy videos on a large display.

The feel of the body is smooth and smooth, giving a high-quality impression that you can’t think of in the middle range. Although it is a large-screen smartphone, it is just the right size to fit in the hands of an adult. It’s also nice to have a special cover that protects the smartphone from impact.

By the way, there are some middle-range smartphones that do not support advanced technology, but this smartphone also supports fingerprint authentication, which can be used to unlock the screen. You can unlock it even while wearing the mask by touching the sensor on the back with your finger. Since you can also use the face recognition function, you can use it according to your preference, but in this age when you can’t let go of the mask, it is a big advantage that you can use fingerprint recognition on your smartphone that you use frequently.

In addition, the capacity of the battery is 4,500mAh, which is enough volume for people who use smartphones all day long. Even in the middle range model, it seems that it is not necessary to carry a mobile battery. In addition to being able to charge with the included USB Type-C cable, it also supports QC 3.0 for quick charging. As well as Bluetooth earphones, the earphone terminal is also mounted on the upper part of the main body, so it is safe for those who use conventional wired earphones.

Full camera function

When it comes to middle-range smartphones in the 30,000 yen range, the most worrisome thing is the camera performance of the smartphone. So, let’s introduce the photos actually taken with this middle-range smartphone “TCL 10 5G” from here. First of all, from “wide-angle mode” using a super wide-angle camera. The photo above is taken in normal camera mode, and the photo below is taken from the same location in “wide-angle mode”.

It is a point that you can not miss the various camera functions that you can not think of as a middle-range smartphone. Please see the back of “TCL 10 5G”. It is equipped with a distinctive “four-lens camera” with wide-angle / macro / depth / image sensors lined up. Middle-range smartphones are often worried about the poor quality of their cameras, but don’t worry about this “TCL 10 5G”. This time, I actually took a picture using these smartphone cameras. In addition to the examples, we will introduce some of the various shooting modes.

Comparing them, it is obvious that the difference is the high quality that stands out among middle-range smartphones. You can see that you can take a wider range of scenery while maintaining the image quality. It should be useful in situations where you want to record the scenery of your trip or outing with your smartphone with an image that is close to what you see with your eyes.

On the other hand, you can also use a 5-megapixel macro camera to bring the camera closer to the subject and “close-up” it. This image is a close-up shot of a leaf using “Super Macro Mode”. The distance between the camera and the subject was only about 5 cm, but I was able to clearly shoot even the fine veins without blurring. Really a middle-range smartphone …? It is about the quality.

Also pay attention to the “portrait mode” that makes the best use of the depth camera. By using the background blur function, you can take pictures with a vivid bokeh effect, as if you were taking a picture with a digital single-lens reflex camera that is not in the middle range and is not a smartphone. It can be conveniently used not only for taking pictures of people but also for taking beautiful landscape pictures. The strength of the blur can be adjusted from the slider displayed on the shooting screen of the smartphone.

Lastly, I would like to introduce “High-resolution mode”. In this shooting mode, you can easily take clear pictures that are as good as professionals, which you can’t think of as a middle-range smartphone, by using a high-quality camera with 64 megapixels.

I tried shooting the same subject with my smartphone, but when I compare it, the image quality of the “TCL 10 5G” stands out even though it is a middle-range smartphone. The color of the pictures taken with “TCL 10 5G” is soft and gentle, and the picture is close to the impression seen with the naked eye, and it is hard to believe that it was taken with a smartphone in the middle range. The four modes introduced this time, “Wide-angle mode”, “Super macro mode”, “Portrait mode”, and “High-resolution mode” can be switched by simply tapping the icon from the camera. Even those who are not good at shooting with a smartphone or beginners with middle-range smartphones can recommend it in the sense that you can easily take beautiful pictures.

What is 5G?

As mentioned at the beginning, “TCL 10 5G” is one of the 5G smartphones that can use the Sub-6 band, which has been a hot topic in recent years. The lineup of 5G smartphones is currently expanding, but when it comes to middle-range smartphones, it’s hard to come up with an option. Furthermore, it is a nice point that 5G communication can be used by any of the four major carriers, NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, Softbank, and Rakuten Mobile. If you switch to a 5G contract with the carrier you are currently using, you will be able to use 5G communication while using a middle-range smartphone just by replacing the SIM with TCL 10 5G *.

* Depending on the carrier, it may be necessary to replace the SIM when switching to a 5G contract. In addition, it may be necessary to change the contract at each mobile carrier shop. For details, please see the 5G service introduction page of each carrier.

By the way, here I will also supplement “5G”. What is 5G in the first place? It is an abbreviation for “5G” = “5th Generation” and is a word that means “5th generation mobile communication system” which is the next generation standard for mobile communication. The features of 5G are roughly divided into three: “ultra-high-speed communication,” “multiple simultaneous connections,” and “low latency.” Compared to the 4G (4th generation mobile communication system) that is currently in widespread use, the communication speed has improved dramatically and the delay has been reduced. As a middle-range smartphone that keeps prices down by not being equipped with the latest technology, it is often not supported in the first place.

In 5G communication, it is said that the communication speed is about 20 times faster than 4G and the delay is about 1/10 of 4G. With this 5G, you can download a movie worth a movie (2 hours) in just a few seconds. With 5G high-speed and large-capacity communication, you can watch ultra-high-quality video content such as 4K and 8K without worrying about waiting time. For this reason, it seems that there are many people who want to use 5G even on middle-range smartphones.

In addition, you can enjoy real-time VR content that takes advantage of low latency, and you can use stable communication even in crowded places. Etc. 5G communication is full of attractive points.

What is Sub-6?

5G communication has such advantages, but it should be noted that it is divided into two types, “Sub-6” and “millimeter wave”, depending on the frequency band used for communication. Since “millimeter wave” uses the band of about 30 to 300 GHz, it is characterized by making the best use of 5G features such as “ultra-high speed”, “multiple simultaneous connections”, and “low latency”.

On the other hand, the major bottleneck of “millimeter waves” is that communication is easily blocked by rain and buildings. On the other hand, “Sub-6”, which uses a frequency band of 6 GHz or less, is inferior to millimeter waves in terms of communication speed and simultaneous connection, but it is not easily affected by obstacles, so it is suitable for practical use. It can be said that there is. For this reason, all four carriers mentioned earlier are expanding their 5G area centered on Sub-6.

Currently, the “5G compatible smartphones” sold by each manufacturer include models that support only Sub-6 / models that support both Sub-6 and millimeter waves, and the price difference depends on which one you choose. You can also get out. However, as of the spring of 2021, while the places where millimeter waves can be used are quite limited, the area of ​​Sub-6 is steadily expanding. If you want to try 5G communication first, you can fully benefit from it by purchasing a Sub-6 compatible smartphone. Therefore, one of the cheapest terminals, “TCL 10 5G”, can be said to be one of the most promising candidates.


The ” TCL 10 5G ” is 39,800 yen including tax, which is a reasonable price range for a conventional LTE smartphone, but it also has a camera function comparable to that of a high-spec model as a middle-range smartphone and uses the popular 5G communication. Considering what you can do, it seems that the cost performance is at the top level. 5G communication is not available, but + Style also sells the ” LINE Mobile Entry Package ” of the MVNO “LINE Mobile”, which is familiar with cheap SIMs that can use communication lines. If you are looking for a candidate not only for middle-range smartphones but also for entry models, or if you want to be cheaper even with 4G, please take a look here as well ♪



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