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You can clean it while you are out! What are the comparison points of robot vacuum cleaners?

A robot vacuum cleaner that is rapidly becoming popular in Japan due to the big hit of “Roomba” released by iRobot in the United States in 2002. Recently, various types of robot vacuum cleaners have been released by Japanese manufacturers, so I’m curious, but many people may not know what to choose based on. So this time, I will introduce the points of comparison using the popular robot vacuum cleaner as an example.

What is a robot vacuum cleaner in the first place?

There are two points about what a robot vacuum is like. One is to drive autonomously, and the other is to clean automatically. It is called a robot vacuum cleaner because it allows you to clean your house without using human hands.

Another major difference from conventional vacuum cleaners is their shape. Many robot vacuums, including Roomba, are flat and typically have a fairly compact shape. Recently, in addition to the conventional round shape, various shapes such as triangles and quadrangles have come to be seen.

Next, let’s check how to use the robot vacuum cleaner. There are two main types of robot vacuum cleaners.

  • Vacuum cleaner type that searches for dust while moving, sucks it up and stores it in the main body
  • A type that has a cloth on the underside of the vacuum cleaner and can wipe the floor

And recently, a type that combines these two cleaning methods is also on sale.

Therefore, choose a type that can be used in a way that suits your lifestyle, not just its popularity.

What are the points to compare robot vacuum cleaners?

Now, let me introduce two points to actually compare different models when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.

1. Price & Features

Your choices will vary greatly depending on whether you prioritize the functionality of your robot vacuum or your budget. For example, I want you to do not only cleaning but also dumping garbage automatically, it is better to have a quiet operation so that you can clean even at night, you want to operate from your smartphone on the go, you want to specify a place you do not want to enter the robot vacuum cleaner If you want features, the price will naturally be higher. However, if all you have to do is clean up the trash that stands out in the living room, the number of types that are considerably cheaper than before is increasing.

2. Thinness of the main body

Most robot vacuums are compact, but you need to check their thinness.

Especially when using a robot vacuum in the living room or bedroom, if you select a vacuum cleaner that does not fit under the sofa or bed, you will not be able to clean that part. In order to maximize the performance of your robot vacuum, make sure you size the room you want to clean before making your selection.

Thorough comparison of popular robot vacuum cleaners

Now, based on the comparison points in the previous section, I would like to introduce some popular robot vacuum cleaners.

  • [High functionality] Roomba i7 (iRobot)

It is a flagship model that exceeds 100,000 yen among the popular rumba. Built-in high-performance sensor to learn and memorize room conditions. It boasts high functions such as status confirmation on a smartphone from outside and an automatic garbage collection function.

  • [Triangle] RULO mini MC-RSC10 (Panasonic)

The biggest point of this robot vacuum cleaner is that it has a triangular shape, so it can firmly remove dust in the corners of the room, which is not good for general round shapes. This type is recommended for those who want to clean more thoroughly.

  • [Good cospa] + Style (plus style) smart robot vacuum cleaner

Until a while ago, robot vacuum cleaners were mainly in the 40,000 to 50,000 yen range, but recently, the number of robot vacuum cleaners in the 10,000 to 20,000 yen range is increasing. Among them, the + Style smart robot vacuum cleaner is recommended as a type with good cost performance. Although this robot vacuum cleaner is priced in the 10,000 yen range, it has various functions such as operation from a smartphone, wiping with water, and support for virtual walls. It’s the perfect type for those looking for a low-budget yet versatile product.

Ultra – thin model equipped with a simple room mapping function.

+ Style Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner B300

Supports up to 400 m2, high-precision room mapping, dual role, and also supports wiping with water You
can clean every corner of the room without waste, and you can complete cleaning efficiently in a shorter time.

+ Style Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner G300

It is important to prioritize the purpose over the price

There are various types of robot vacuum cleaners, from those that cost less than 10,000 yen to those that cost more than 100,000 yen, as introduced here. However, if you choose the one with the highest price, it will not fail.

For example, the iRobot Roomba i7 introduced this time is a high-performance type that not only memorizes the floor plan and automatically cleans it, but also automatically completes the garbage disposal. However, if you just need to suck up the garbage in the living room when you are absent, it is possible to pay in the 10,000 to 20,000 yen range.

The important thing is what kind of purpose you want to use the robot vacuum cleaner. If you think about what you should prioritize for that purpose, you will naturally find something that suits you.



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