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You can improve happily! Would you like to start learning English with a robot partner?

With the start of English education reform in 2020, interest in learning English is increasing. How should we proceed in order to learn English efficiently? For example, you may have heard a voice saying, “You should put yourself in an environment where you can use English as much as possible.” Certainly, if you speak English on a daily basis, it seems that you can master it in a shorter period of time than studying with textbooks. However, it is a fact that going to an English conversation school or studying abroad is quite a hurdle.

Therefore, this time, I would like to propose learning English using an AI-equipped robot. Of course, it is possible to communicate with the robot, and if you speak in English, it will return the words firmly in English. You will naturally improve your English as if you were talking to a friend.

The article below introduces two robot products that allow you to learn English at home. Why don’t you enjoy learning English conversation with a cute looking robot?

▼ Safe for beginners in English!

The first to introduce is the “Musio X” robot, which has a lovely sophisticated silhouette.

It is equipped with a conversation engine that enables natural English conversation, and when you speak, it will respond according to the scene. In addition to being able to experience native pronunciation, it is equipped with a function to modify the user’s grammar, analyze the pronunciation, and celebrate. It is also convenient that when you ask a question such as “What is the weather today?”, It will give you the best answer based on the information you searched on the Internet. If you use a dedicated app, conversations will be transcribed in real time, which will help enhance hearing and speaking.

In addition, “Musio X” is equipped with various convenient functions such as answering what you see in English by using “vision recognition technology” with a built-in camera. There is also a set of teaching materials (sold separately) that can be linked, so please check them out as well.

▼ Recommended for children ♪

Next, I would like to introduce the bird-shaped robot “Charpy Chocolate”. Of course, this is also equipped with artificial intelligence. It analyzes the learning situation and the content of the conversation and speaks according to the user’s English ability.

It supports conversation levels from the introduction to English conversation to the Eiken Level 1 level, and can be used by children from 8 years old to adults. By linking with the dedicated app “Charpy station”, the learning content will be further expanded. You can use functions such as pronunciation check, English proficiency test, and Japanese translation of conversation.

If you save the learning data in the cloud, you will learn the learning situation and conversation content, and gradually evolve into a charpy that is perfect for the user. It seems that you will become attached to it and become a member of your family. It looks like a stuffed animal and is easy to get close to, so it is highly recommended as a learning material for children.

Did you find a product you were interested in? Each product page introduces the functions and usage in detail, so please check it out.



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