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Your home is transformed into a “smart home”! + Style original smart home appliances are now available. There is also a release commemorative sale.

+ Style 6 original smart home appliances are now available! With the concept of “just right for everyone”, we will sell 2 robot vacuum cleaners / 3 smart LED bulbs / 1 + Style LED ceiling light products in sequence. In addition, collaboration products with the popular anime “Girls und Panzer” are also available for pre-order.


All new products can be operated with a single smartphone app “+ Style”. Even if you use multiple smart appliances, you do not need to install another app. You can turn the power on / off and set the timer from outside with the app, and it also supports voice operation with a smart speaker.

Another major feature is that it can be linked with + Style original products that are already on sale, security cameras and sensors. You can easily realize “automation of home appliances” such as “the lights turn on when you open the door” and “the robot vacuum cleaner automatically cleans when you go out”.


+ Style original product with just the right features and just the right price. From here, let’s introduce the features of each product in detail. Until September 12, 2019, we are holding a limited number of discounted “smart home appliances release commemorative sale” with a maximum discount of 8,000 yen, so please check it out as soon as possible.


▼ Easy to clean!

The “Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner G300” is a high-spec model equipped with a high-precision laser sensor. Since the state in the room can be accurately mapped, even complicated places and corners can be efficiently cleaned. The maximum area that can be mapped is 400m2. Another feature is that you can specify the area you want to clean / the area you do not want to clean from the app. You can avoid pet spaces and children’s playgrounds. The list price is 34,800 yen (tax included). The sale price is 26,800 yen (tax included).

For those who want to use a robot vacuum cleaner for the first time, we recommend the “Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner B300”. It is a reasonable entry model with a list price of 19,800 yen (tax included) and a sale price of 17,800 yen (tax included). With a thin design of only 6.2 cm in thickness, you can easily clean under the bed or sofa. In addition to using the simple mapping function, you can also set the area you do not want to clean by using the included magnetic tape.


Both the “G300” and “B300” are “dual-role” products that can be sucked in and cleaned with water. By installing a sensor along the wall and a fall prevention sensor, you can prevent damage to household goods and fall accidents. The dust box that stores garbage can be washed with water, so it is easy to clean. It is also a nice point to be able to keep it clean at any time. We also have a great plan that allows you to purchase + Style original products such as motion sensors and surveillance cameras together, so please check the details from the link below.

▼ Control the lighting with your smartphone!

The lineup of smart lights includes 3 LED bulb products and 1 LED ceiling light product. As mentioned above, it is a product that allows you to turn on / off the lighting, set the timer, and switch the dimming via the app. A feature common to all four products is that there is no need for a “hub” required for Wi-Fi linkage. LED bulbs can be used in sockets, and LED ceiling lights can be used by simply attaching them to wiring equipment without any construction work.


Also, by using it together with the + Style ORIGINAL series, it is possible to automatically turn on the lights in the room when the security camera installed outside detects a person. It is useful for crime prevention measures.

Let’s take a closer look at each product. “Smart LED bulb” is available in 3 products: E26 base size / E17 base size for dimming and toning, and E26 base size for dimming only. If it is a toning compatible model, the color temperature can be freely changed from light bulb color (2700K) to neutral white (6500K). Reading, eating, etc. You can choose the most suitable color for each living situation. The list price is 1,980 yen to 2,480 yen (tax included), which is an affordable price.

On the other hand, the “+ Style LED Ceiling Light” is also reasonably priced at a list price of 9,980 yen (tax included) and a sale price of 6,980 yen (tax included). It has a light intensity (about 3200lm) for 6 tatami mats, and the brightness can be adjusted steplessly with neutral white (6500K) light

So far, we have introduced 6 new + Style products. Did you find any “smart appliances” that you were interested in?

We are also accepting reservations for the model “Garpan Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner IV Tank H Type (D Type Kai)” in collaboration with the popular anime “Girls und Panzer”. This is a limited quantity model equipped with a voice guidance function by the original voice of the main character “Miho Nishizumi”. Approximately 45 patterns of audio are recorded, and you can enjoy it as if Miho Nishizumi was cleaning the house. Please check it out as well.





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